Geothermal Exploration Development Policy: International Lessons
EPAs Proposed Carbon Dioxide Rule for Existing Power Plants: Elements Implications
U.S. Export-Import Bank: Analyses of Risk Management Exposure Limits
U.S. Counterterrorism Programs in East Northwest Africa
Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound
Rural Tribal Transit: Federal Role Public Perspective
Lobbying Disclosure: Background Compliance Analysis
Jordan: Conditions, Issues U.S. Relations
Postal and Delivery Innovation in the Digital Economy
Imaging of Alimentary Tract Perforation
Optimal Real-time Control of Sewer Networks
Internationalisierung Und Institution
Applied Spectroscopy and the Science of Nanomaterials
Spatial Microsimulation: A Reference Guide for Users
Management of Natural Resources in a Changing Environment
Nanoscale Assembly: Chemical Techniques
Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change: Transforming Rural Livelihoods
Radiation Treatment and Radiation Reactions in Dermatology
Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine 1997
Systems Biology: Applications and Perspectives
Teacher Professional Development for Improving Quality of Teaching
Norms in Technology
Construction Safety and Waste Management: An Economic Analysis
Advancement in Sensing Technology: New Developments and Practical Applications
Low-Noise Low-Power Design for Phase-Locked Loops: Multi-Phase High-Performance Oscillators
Casting: An Analytical Approach
The Lacrimal System: Diagnosis, Management, and Surgery, Second Edition
Confronting the Shadow Economy: Evaluating Tax Compliance and Behaviour Policies
Open Verification Methodology Cookbook
The Physics of Accretion onto Black Holes
Steam Microturbines in Distributed Cogeneration
Natural Products in the Chemical Industry
Real World Data Mining Applications
Integrated Optical Interconnect Architectures for Embedded Systems
Perspectives on Teaching and Learning English Literacy in China
Epidemiologic Studies in Cancer Prevention and Screening
Vasovagal Syncope
Geometric Methods in Physics: XXX Workshop, Bialowieza, Poland, June 26 to July 2, 2011
A Positive Psychology Perspective on Quality of Life
Open Source Geospatial Tools: Applications in Earth Observation
Teachers and Students as Co-Learners: Toward a Mutual Value Theory
New Techniques for Thoracic Outlet Syndromes
National Legal Systems and Globalization: New Role, Continuing Relevance
Optimal Control Models in Finance: A New Computational Approach
Bio-Inspired Silicon-Based Materials
University Engagement With Socially Excluded Communities
Biomedical Technology
Handbook of Simulation Optimization
Coronal Magnetometry
Brandschutz 2013 Auf CD-ROM
Pharmaceutical Prices in the 21st Century
Changing Paradigms of Management Dynamics
Design for High Performance, Low Power, and Reliable 3D Integrated Circuits
Applications of Evolutionary Computation: 17th European Conference, EvoApplications 2014, Granada, Spain, April 23-25, 2014, Revised Selected Papers
Chronic Kidney Disease and Hypertension
Learning from Shanghai: Lessons on Achieving Educational Success
Auditory and Visual Sensations
Rotors: Stress Analysis and Design
Applied Machining Technology
Dispersed Manufacturing Networks: Challenges for Research and Practice
Automotive Development Processes: Processes for Successful Customer Oriented Vehicle Development
Viruses: Essential Agents of Life
The Wiley-Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion
Innovation performance accounting: Financing Decisions and Risk Assessment of Innovation Processes
Dynamical Systems and Methods
Exergy: Theory and Applications in the Built Environment
The Science of Construction Materials
Synthesis of Computational Structures for Analog Signal Processing
Computer- Aided Design in Power Engineering: Application of Software Tools
Wastewater Reuse and Management
Motion Planning for Humanoid Robots
Bioelectromagnetic and Subtle Energy Medicine
Iptycenes Chemistry: From Synthesis to Applications
Fungi and Food Spoilage
Electromagnetic Compatibility for Device Design and System Integration
Active Sensor Planning for Multiview Vision Tasks
Recycled Aggregate in Concrete: Use of Industrial, Construction and Demolition Waste
B-C-N Nanotubes and Related Nanostructures
Grasping in Robotics
Ansichten Des Krieges: Kampfreliefs Klassischer Und Hellenistischer Zeit Im Kulturvergleich
Geolocation Techniques: Principles and Applications
Stasi Und Ddr-Milit rjustiz: Der Einfluss Des Ministeriums F r Staatssicherheit Auf Strafverfahren Und Strafvollzug in Der Milit rjustiz Der Ddr
Competency-based Language Teaching in Higher Education
Technology as a Support for Literacy Achievements for Children at Risk
Geopolitics: The Geography of International Relations
Common Characteristics and Unique Qualities in Preschool Programs: Global Perspectives in Early Childhood Education
Pedagogies to Enhance Learning for Indigenous Students: Evidence-based Practice
Articulating Islam: Anthropological Approaches to Muslim Worlds
Institutionalization of World-Class University in Global Competition
Optimal Control and Optimization of Stochastic Supply Chain Systems
The Microbiological Safety of Low Water Activity Foods and Spices
Rural Electrification Through Decentralised Off-grid Systems in Developing Countries
On the (Im)Possibility of Business Ethics: Critical Complexity, Deconstruction, and Implications for Understanding the Ethics of Business
Advances in Visual Computing: 10th International Symposium, ISVC 2014, Las Vegas, NV, USA, December 8-10, 2014, Proceedings, Part II
Global Approaches to Site Contamination Law
Landscapes and Societies: Selected Cases
Around the Tree: Semantic and Metaphysical Issues Concerning Branching and the Open Future
Soft Computing: State of the Art Theory and Novel Applications
Stress Ecology: Environmental Stress as Ecological Driving Force and Key Player in Evolution
Multiple Heterogeneous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Spatial Modeling Principles in Earth Sciences
Minerals as Advanced Materials II
Modelling the Dispersion of Radionuclides in the Marine Environment: An Introduction
Innovation through Knowledge Transfer 2012
Long-term Perspective in Coastal Zone Development: Multifunctional Coastal Protection Zones
Materiality, Techniques and Society in Pottery Production: The Technological Study of Archaeological Ceramics through Paste Analysis
Engineering Education Quality Assurance: A Global Perspective
Signal and Image Analysis for Biomedical and Life Sciences
Governing the Provision of Ecosystem Services
Green IT: Technologies and Applications
Molecular Environmental Soil Science
The Mathematics and Topology of Fullerenes
High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)
Commercial Orchids
The Monte Carlo Simulation Method for System Reliability and Risk Analysis
Introduction to Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater: Historical Foundation, Hydrologic Control, and Contaminant Remediation
Automatic Speech Recognition: A Deep Learning Approach
Time Series Analysis, Modeling and Applications: A Computational Intelligence Perspective
Trade and Exchange: Archaeological Studies from History and Prehistory
Logical Thinking in the Pyramidal Schema of Concepts: The Logical and Mathematical Elements
The Economics of Bank Bankruptcy Law
Cell Therapy: cGMP Facilities and Manufacturing
Biodiversity Hotspots: Distribution and Protection of Conservation Priority Areas
The Fullness of the Logos in the Key of Life: Book I The Case of God in the New Enlightenment
Science in the Age of Baroque
Sortirovka Metallurgicheskikh Shikht Na Vibratsionnykh Grokhotakh
Teachers Identities and Life Choices: Issues of Globalisation and Localisation
Perceptions of the Holocaust in Europe and Muslim Communities: Sources, Comparisons and Educational Challenges
Biosimilars: A New Generation of Biologics
Paradoxes of Integration: Female Migrants in Europe
Silver-Stained Roundels and Unipartite Panels Before the French Revolution: Flanders, Vol. 3: The Provinces of Flemish Brabant and Limburg
Electrochemistry of Immobilized Particles and Droplets: Experiments with Three-Phase Electrodes
Job Satisfaction around the Academic World
Readings in the History of Rhetoric
Simple Models of Many-Fermion Systems
Autonomy and the Self
Achieving Quality Education for All: Perspectives from the Asia-Pacific Region and Beyond
Religious Diversity in Southeast Asia and the Pacific: National Case Studies
Understanding Fluorescein Angiography: Fluoreszeinangiografie Verstehen, Entendiendo Angiografia Con Fluoresceina
Research on Old French: The State of the Art
DRM, a Design Research Methodology
Immunocytochemistry and Related Techniques
Transformation of Chinas Banking System: From the Late Qing Era to the 1930s
Birefringent Thin Films And Polarizing Elements (2nd Edition)
Die Wiener Rechts- Und Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultat 1918-1938
High-Power Optics: Lasers and Applications
Topics in Nonparametric Statistics: Proceedings of the First Conference of the International Society for Nonparametric Statistics
Violence and Mental Health: Its Manifold Faces
Advances in Global Optimization
Circuit Design on Plastic Foils
Chaos and Stability in Planetary Systems
Eco- and Renewable Energy Materials
Timing Channels in Cryptography: A Micro-Architectural Perspective
Disorders of the Hand: Volume 4: Swelling, Tumours, Congenital Hand Defects and Surgical Techniques
Judgement and the Epistemic Foundation of Logic
Telecommunications Et Developpement En Cote DIvoire
Metal Matrix Composites
Real and Complex Submanifolds: Daejeon, Korea, August 2014
Nonlinear Super-Resolution Nano-Optics and Applications
Infections, Chronic Disease, and the Epidemiological Transition: A New Perspective
Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome: From Bench to Bedside
Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Diagnosis and Treatment
Beginning Data Science with R
Spinal Osteotomy
Modeling and Control of Greenhouse Crop Growth
Disorders of the Hand: Volume 2: Hand Reconstruction and Nerve Compression
Ultrasound in the Intensive Care Unit
Metal-Based Composite Nanomaterials
Ocular Infections
Breast Cancer Metastasis and Drug Resistance: Progress and Prospects
Handbook of Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Evaluation: Application and Implementation of the ICF
Access to Justice in Transnational B2C E-Commerce: A Multidimensional Analysis of Consumer Protection Mechanisms
Disorders of the Hand: Volume 3: Inflammation, Arthritis and Contractures
Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance: Theory and Practice
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics
Natural Disaster Management in the Asia-Pacific: Policy and Governance
Semi-quantitative Approaches for Landslide Assessment and Prediction
Magnetocaloric Energy Conversion: From Theory to Applications
Non-viral Gene Therapy: Gene Design and Delivery
Trauma and Orthopaedic Classifications: A Comprehensive Overview
Basics of Geomatics
Daniel McAlpine and The Bitter Pit
Applications of Wet-End Paper Chemistry
Progress of Recycling in the Built Environment: Final report of the RILEM Technical Committee 217-PRE
Cellular Nanoscale Sensory Wave Computing
Finite Element Analysis for Satellite Structures: Applications to Their Design, Manufacture and Testing
Disaster Management: Enabling Resilience
Professional Responsibility: The Fundamental Issue in Education and Health Care Reform
Criminal Law: Case Studies and Controversies, 3rd Edition
Diseases of Coral
The Oxford Encyclopedia of the History of American Science, Medicine, and Technology
Criminal Procedure, 2nd Edition
Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering And Regenerative Medicine
Sequences (with Premium Website, 4 terms (24 months) Printed Access Card)
Evidence Under the Rules, 8th Edition
Verification Methodology Manual for SystemVerilog
A Practical Guide for SystemVerilog Assertions
Representations Sociales Du Vih/Sida Et Identite Seropositive
Metamaterials: Theory, Design, and Applications
Becoming Qualitative Researchers: An Introduction
The Torts Process, 8th Edition
Rare Congenital Genitourinary Anomalies: An Illustrated Reference Guide
Compulsory Licensing: Practical Experiences and Ways Forward
Constitutional Law, 7th Edition
Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaws: Bisphosphonates, Denosumab, and New Agents
Quantitative Psychology Research: The 78th Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society
Contracts: Cases and Doctrine, 5th Edition
Regional Science Matters: Studies Dedicated to Walter Isard
Constitutional Law: Cases in Context, 2nd Edition
Progress in Differential-Algebraic Equations: Deskriptor 2013
Twenty-First Century Procedure
Environmental Sustainability: Role of Green Technologies
Stratabound Ore Deposits in the Andes
Health, Science, and Place: A New Model
Estuarine Morphodynamics of the Sunderbans
Plant Genotyping: Methods and Protocols
Physics and Astrophysics of Neutrinos
Visual Signal Quality Assessment: Quality of Experience (QoE)
Strahlentherapie: Radiologische Onkologie
Chinas Grain for Green Program: A Review of the Largest Ecological Restoration and Rural Development Program in the World
Environmentally Friendly Alkylphosphonate Herbicides
System Modelling and Optimization: Proceedings of the 12th IFIP Conference, Budapest, Hungary, September 2-6, 1985
Chromosomal Mutagenesis
Atlas of Head and Neck Cancer Surgery: The Compartment Surgery for Resection in 3-D
Management of Bladder Cancer: A Comprehensive Text With Clinical Scenarios
Impact of Climate Change and Human Activity on the Eco-environment: An Analysis of the Xisha Islands
The Geology of Continental Margins
Nanoparticles: Workhorses of Nanoscience
Future Directions in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Foodinformatics: Applications of Chemical Information to Food Chemistry
Rock Mechanics: Theory and Applications with Case Histories
The Prix Volney: Its History and Significance for the Development of Linguistics Research: Volume Ia and Volume Ib
Prostate Ultrasound: Current Practice and Future Directions
Metallic Nanostructures: From Controlled Synthesis to Applications
Cervical Cancer: Methods and Protocols
Problems of Normativity, Rules and Rule-Following
Annuaire Europeen / European Yearbook
Competition and Conflicts on Resource Use
Thyroid Eye Disease
Improving Infrared-Based Precipitation Retrieval Algorithms Using Multi-Spectral Satellite Imagery
Requirements Engineering for Digital Health
The Twin Sister Planets Venus and Earth: Why are they so different?
Climate of the Romanian Carpathians: Variability and Trends
Mechanical Design of Heat Exchangers: And Pressure Vessel Components
Core Labour Standards and International Trade: Lessons from the Regional Context
European Trend Atlas of Extreme Temperature and Precipitation Records
Sustainable and Resilient Critical Infrastructure Systems: Simulation, Modeling, and Intelligent Engineering
The DV-X Molecular-Orbital Calculation Method
Supply Chain Disruptions: Theory and Practice of Managing Risk
Major Companies of the Arab World 1992/93
Ecology of Blue Straggler Stars
European Integration in the World Economy
Post-Tsunami Hazard: Reconstruction and Restoration
High Dimensional Neurocomputing: Growth, Appraisal and Applications
Measurement in Economics: Theory and Applications of Economics Indices
European Perspectives on the Common European Sales Law
Computational Methods and Experimental Measurements: Proceedings of the International Conference, Washington D.C., July 1982
The Right Ventricle in Health and Disease
Substance Abuse: Inpatient and Outpatient Management for Every Clinician
Elephantine XXXV: The Lithic Industries on Elephantine Island During the 3rd Millennium BC
Strength of Materials and Theory of Elasticity in 19th Century Italy: A Brief Account of the History of Mechanics of Solids and Structures
Chinese Merger Control Law: An Assessment of its Competition-Policy Orientation after the First Years of Application
Global Energy Demand and 2-degree Target, Report 2014
Neurointervention in the Medical Specialties: A Comprehensive Guide
The Political Economy of Aerospace Industries: A Key Driver of Growth and International Competitiveness?
Sediment Fluxes in Coastal Areas
Iwasawa Theory 2012: State of the Art and Recent Advances
Challenges and Opportunities in Health Care Management
Theory of Heavy-Fermion Compounds: Theory of Strongly Correlated Fermi-Systems
Economic and Social Development of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries
Gynecologic Oncology: A Pocketbook
Wildland Fuel Fundamentals and Applications
Current Issues in Transitional Justice: Towards a More Holistic Approach
Electrical Energy Generation in Europe: The Current and Future Role of Conventional Energy Sources in the Regional Generation of Electricity
EcoJustice, Citizen Science and Youth Activism: Situated Tensions for Science Education
Brain-Computer Interfaces: Current Trends and Applications
Modern Electroencephalographic Assessment Techniques: Theory and Applications
Cementation in Dental Implantology: An Evidence-Based Guide
Risk and Reliability in Geotechnical Engineering
No More Muddling Through: Mastering Complex Projects in Engineering and Management
An Introduction to Elementary Particle Phenomenology
Thermochemical properties of inorganic substances: Supplement
Data Mining in Clinical Medicine
Robotic Gynecology: From Concept to Applications
Introduction to the Theory of Nonlinear Optimization
Concerned Markets: Economic Ordering for Multiple Values
Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck: A Comprehensive Guide
Plasma Technologies for Textile and Apparel
New Global Economic Architecture: The Asian Perspective
Evaluacion de La Calidad de Las Ecoescuelas En Bio Bio y Granada
Simchart (2-Year Access) Simulation Learning System for Rn 2.0 Package
Optimal Observation for Cyber-physical Systems: A Fisher-information-matrix-based Approach
Predicting Students Academic Dropout Using Artificial Neural Network
The Causes and Behavioral Consequences of Disasters: Models informed by the global experience 1950-2005
Modeling and Simulating Bodies and Garments
Modern Piracy and Maritime Terrorism: The Challenge of Piracy for the 21st Century
Neural Tracing Methods: Tracing Neurons and Their Connections
Glycosaminoglycans: Chemistry and Biology
Scientific Basis of the Royal College of Radiologists Fellowship: Illustrated questions and answers
Pathology of Challenging Melanocytic Neoplasms: Diagnosis and Management
Inner Asia and the Spatial Politics of Empire: Archaeology, Mobility, and Culture Contact
Global Geometry of Space-Times with Shells
Kant in Teheran
Das Rating Von Cdos
Speech, Language Voice Pathology: Methods, Challenges Outcomes
Kommunikation in Der Kirche Des 3. Jahrhunderts: Bischofe Und Gemeinden Zwischen Konflikt Und Konsens Im Imperium Romanum
Fixed Point Theory in Ordered Sets and Applications: From Differential and Integral Equations to Game Theory
Focus on Nutrition in Child-Juvenile Populations in a Mediterranean Area
Utility Maximization, Choice and Preference
Virtual Reality: Rehabilitation in Motor, Cognitive Sensorial Disorders
Co-occurring Addictive and Psychiatric Disorders: A Practice-Based Handbook from a European Perspective
Pharmakologie Und Toxikologie
Certain Aspects of Georgian-Russian Relations in Modern Historiography
The Influence of Attention, Learning, and Motivation on Visual Search
Stars, Myths and Rituals in Etruscan Rome
Road Lighting: Fundamentals, Technology and Application
Dry Etching Technology for Semiconductors
National Economic Impact Analysis of Terrorist Attacks and Natural Disasters
Professional Practice in Facility Programming
Politik Und Gesellschaft
Intermediate Organic Chemistry
CCNP Routing and Switching v2.0 Official Cert Guide Library
Biomedical Signals, Imaging, and Informatics
Radar Hydrology: Principles, Models, and Applications
Special Functions, Partial Differential Equations, and Harmonic Analysis: In Honor of Calixto P. Calderon
Heroin Addiction: Prevalence, Treatment Approaches Health Consequences
Environment Public Health: Environmental Health, Law International Perspectives
Atoms of Mind: The Ghost in the Machine Materializes
Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals
Visual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision
Developments in the Flow of Complex Fluids in Tubes
Stem Cell Protocols
Uphill Battle: Reflections on Viet Nam Counterinsurgency
Medical Devices and Human Engineering
Cerebral Palsy: Science and Clinical Practice
Computational Analysis and Design of Bridge Structures
Essentials for Nursing Practice - Text and Adaptive Learning Package
Iris Biometrics: From Segmentation to Template Security
Totenbuch DES Mainzer Dominikanerklosters, Das: Kommentar Und Edition
Shimada Kenji: Scholar, Thinker, Reader: Selected Writings on the Intellectual History of Modern China
Environmental Analysis by Electrochemical Sensors and Biosensors: Applications
Cell-Based Assays for High-Throughput Screening: Methods and Protocols
Essays and Surveys in Global Optimization
Structured Peer-to-Peer Systems: Fundamentals of Hierarchical Organization, Routing, Scaling, and Security
Smartbook Access Card for Law, Business and Society
Virtual Worlds and Criminality
Modified MasteringChemistry with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
Pediatric Otolaryngology for the Clinician
Animal Ethics and Philosophy: Questioning the Orthodoxy
Two Minds: Intuition and Analysis in the History of Economic Thought
Intermediate Accounting with Air France-Klm 2013 Annual Report
Cytokines as Potential Therapeutic Targets for Inflammatory Skin Diseases
Macroeconomic Analysis and Parametric Control of a National Economy
Pact 14 23rd International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques
Safeguarding Homeland Security: Governors and Mayors Speak Out
Mastering Chemistry with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Principles of Chemistry: A Molecular Approach
Maternity Nursing - Revised Reprint 8e
United States Code: 2012, Supplement 1, January 3, 2003 to January 16, 2014
Handbook of Operations Research for Homeland Security
Macrophages and Dendritic Cells: Methods and Protocols
On Line Citizenship: Emerging Technologies for European Cities
The Spectrometric Identification of Organic Compounds, Eighth Edition Evaluation Copy
Billings 11E Text; Lww NCLEX-RN 10,000 Prepu; Plus Lww Docucare One-Year Access Package
Community Disaster Vulnerability: Theory, Research, and Practice
Child and Adolescent Communication Disorders: Organic and Neurogenic Bases
Las Armas Quimicas
Poverty and Social Exclusion around the Mediterranean Sea
Zebrafish: Methods and Protocols
Studia Patristica. Vol. LXXIII - Including Papers presented at the Conference on Early Christian Iconography, held in Pecs, Hungary
Beschreibungsversuche Der Judenfeindschaft
Terrorismusstrafrecht in Russland
Chi 14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Vol 3b
Arqueologia Espacial de Sitios de Altura En La Puna de Salta
Las Lecturas Platonicas de Michel Foucault
International Intellectual Property Law and Human Security
Differential Fields of Social Work Practice
Emerging Technologies for the Classroom: A Learning Sciences Perspective
Das Aktiendarlehen: Die Zuordnung Von Aktionarsrechten Im Spannungsfeld Von Zivil-, Gesellschafts- Und Kapitalmarktrecht
Functional Surfaces in Biology: Little Structures with Big Effects Volume 1
Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries: Series Number 54: Stesichorus: The Poems
Haupt- Und Sekundarinsolvenzverfahren: Zur Sachgerechten Verfahrenskoordination Bei Grenzuberschreitenden Unternehmensinsolvenzen
Chi 14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Vol 3a
Micromachining Using Electrochemical Discharge Phenomenon: Fundamentals and Application of Spark Assisted Chemical Engraving
Tecnicas Respiratorias Invasivas
University Calculus: Early Transcendentals, Multivariable
The Gospel Project for Kids: Jesus Saves - Preschool Leader Kit with Worship - Topical Study: Jesus Provided Our Sacrifice
Evidentiary Privileges in Federal Courts - Survey Rules
Career Planning Strategies: Hire Me!
Die Kaiserviten. Beruhmte Manner / De vita Caesarum. De viris illustribus
70-412 Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services R2
Human-Information Interaction and the Information Dyad
Gebaute Entfestigung: Architekturen der OEffnung im Turin des fruhen 18. und 19. Jahrhunderts
Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery
Foundations First with Readings 5e Launchpad Solo for Foundations First with Readings (Six Month Access)
Galileis denkende Hand: Form und Forschung um 1600
Home Parenteral Nutrition
Adelsreformideen in Preussen: Zwischen burokratischem Absolutismus und demokratisierendem Konstitutionalismus (1806-1854)
Atlas of Imaging Anatomy
Biology And Pathogenesis Of Rhabdo- And Filoviruses
Hair and Hair Diseases
Psychosocial Stress and Cardiovascular Disease in Women: Concepts, Findings, Future Perspectives
Wahrheitszeugnis, Gottes Auftrag Und Zeitkritik: Die Kirchengeschichte Der Magdeburger Zenturien Und Ihre Arbeitstechniken
Hydrological Data Driven Modelling: A Case Study Approach
Les Etudiants Senegalais En France Et Aux Etats-Unis
Management of Hematological Cancer in Older People
Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering: English, German, French, Dutch, Russian
Imms General Textbook of Entomology: Volume 2: Classification and Biology
Branched Chain Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 2
Diagnostic Techniques in Urology
Space-Time Adaptive Processing for Radar
Automorphic Forms: Research in Number Theory from Oman
Foundations of Addictions Counseling
Bridging Algebra, Geometry, and Topology
A Short Textbook of Clinical Imaging
Topological and Statistical Methods for Complex Data: Tackling Large-Scale, High-Dimensional, and Multivariate Data Spaces
The Rational Spirit in Modern Continuum Mechanics: Essays and Papers Dedicated to the Memory of Clifford Ambrose Truesdell III
Ideological, Social and Cultural Aspects of Events
The Law and Practice of the International Criminal Court
Medical Management of the Pregnant Patient: A Clinicians Handbook
Adverse Cutaneous Drug Reactions to Cardiovascular Drugs
Ethnographie DUn Barrage
Very Massive Stars in the Local Universe
Dynamical Systems: Stability, Controllability and Chaotic Behavior
Resilience Thinking in Urban Planning
Heart Failure in Congenital Heart Disease:: From Fetus to Adult
Advanced Techniques in Minimally Invasive and Robotic Colorectal Surgery
The Ethical Challenges of Academic Administration
Distributed Network Systems: From Concepts to Implementations
Digital Economy and Social Design
Video Traces for Network Performance Evaluation: A Comprehensive Overview and Guide on Video Traces and Their Utilization in Networking Research
A Modern Treatise on the Principle of Legality in Criminal Law
Europ ische Methodenlehre
Historical Dictionary of Australia
The Concept of Race and Psychotherapy
Advances in the Conceptualization of the Stress Process: Essays in Honor of Leonard I. Pearlin
Handbook of the Economics of International Migration: The Impact: Volume 1B
International Perspectives on Teaching and Learning with GIS in Secondary Schools
On the Death of the Pilgrim: The Postcolonial Hermeneutics of Jarava Lal Mehta
Die Wiener Hofburg 1521-1705: Baugeschichte, Funktion Und Etablierung ALS Kaiserresidenz
Gender, Work, and Family in a Chinese Economic Zone: Laboring in Paradise
Neurohypophysial Hormones and Similar Polypeptides.
Nutritional Influences on Bone Health
Medicina Dell t Prenatale: Prevenzione, Diagnosi E Terapia Dei Difetti Congeniti E Delle Principali Patologie Gravidiche
Different Kinds of Specificity Across Languages
The Mazzel Ritual: Culture, Customs and Crime in the Diamond Trade
In Sync with Adolescence: The Role of Morningness-Eveningness in Development
After Cognitivism: A Reassessment of Cognitive Science and Philosophy
Religion, Spirituality and Everyday Practice
Imaging of Pediatric Bone and Joint Trauma
Debating the Faith: Religion and Letter Writing in Great Britain, 1550-1800
Evidence-Based Critical Care
Wave-Induced Currents and Sedim. Transport on Gravel and Mixed Beaches
Russian Organized Corruption Networks and their International Trajectories
Urban Models and Public-Private Partnership
Lumbar Spinal Imaging in Radicular Pain and Related Conditions: Understanding Diagnostic Images in a Clinical Context
Branched Chain Amino Acids in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 1
Je parle francais...un peu: Foundations in Beginning French
Dionigi Areopagita. Nomi divini, teologia mistica, epistole: La versione siriaca di Sergio di Resayna (VI secolo). V.
Genitourinary Imaging: A Case Based Approach
Molecular Modeling of Proteins
Finite Elements in Water Resources: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference, Hannover, Germany, June 1982
HSBA Handbook on Ship Finance
Mathematical Models of Tumor-Immune System Dynamics
Noncolorectal, Nonneuroendocrine Liver Metastases: Diagnosis and Current Therapies
Advances in Nature of Science Research: Concepts and Methodologies
Functions of a-Bounded Type in the Half-Plane
Proceedings of the 3rd International Congress of Acarology
Introduction to Communication Networks
Ichthyology Handbook
Propagation of Interval and Probabilistic Uncertainty in Cyberinfrastructure-related Data Processing and Data Fusion
Writing Virtual Environments for Software Visualization
Finite Elements in Water Resources: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference, Burlington, Vermont, U.S.A., June 1984
Proximal Humerus Fractures: Evaluation and Management
Formal Specification Level: Concepts, Methods, and Algorithms
Organic Geochemistry: Methods and Results
Chinas Outward Foreign Direct Investment: Theories and Strategies
Endovascular Neurosurgery Through Clinical Cases
Advances in Superconductivity: Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Superconductivity (ISS 88), August 28-31, 1988, Nagoya
Textile Dictionary / Textiltechnisches Worterbuch
Advanced Hardware Design for Error Correcting Codes
Patent Foramen Ovale
Engineering Software III: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference, Imperial College, London, England. April 1983
Virtual Currencies: Regulatory Tax Compliance Issues
Organizational Learning: Creating, Retaining and Transferring Knowledge
LL Methods in Behavioral Research with Connect Plus Access Card
Optimization and Logistics Challenges in the Enterprise
Reforms in Long-Term Care Policies in Europe: Investigating Institutional Change and Social Impacts
Circuit Design for Reliability
Radiografia de Los Gabinetes de Comunicacion En Las Empresas
Antioxidant Properties of Spices, Herbs and Other Sources
The Reorientation of Higher Education: Challenging the East-West Dichotomy
Mental Well-Being: International Contributions to the Study of Positive Mental Health
Social Policy in the Federal Republic of Germany: The Constitution of the Social
Mutterschaftsrichtlinien ALS Fruherkennungsprogramm, Die
Relict Species: Phylogeography and Conservation Biology
Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology of Arteriovenous Accesses for Hemodialysis
Encapsulation Technologies for Active Food Ingredients and Food Processing
GPCR Signalling Complexes - Synthesis, Assembly, Trafficking and Specificity
Single-molecule Studies of Proteins
The Simulated Administrative Medical Office - Textbook Simchart for the Medical Office Ehr Exercises (Retail Access Ca
Poverty Mosaics: Realities and Prospects in Small-Scale Fisheries
Tissue-Specific Estrogen Action: Novel Mechanisms, Novel Ligands, Novel Therapies
Physical Asset Management
Focusing Telescopes in Nuclear Astrophysics
Handbook on the Physics and Chemistry of Rare Earths: Volume 46
Selenium and Tellurium Chemistry: From Small Molecules to Biomolecules and Materials
Reflections on the History of Computing: Preserving Memories and Sharing Stories
Parametric X-Ray Radiation in Crystals: Theory, Experiment and Applications
Mastering Calculations in Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics
Fit Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness Loose Leaf Edition
Handbook on Analyzing Human Genetic Data: Computational Approaches and Software
Functional Coherence of Molecular Networks in Bioinformatics
Mars: Prospective Energy and Material Resources
Balance of payments statistics yearbook 2014
The Making of a Neuromorphic Visual System
Offshore Wind Energy: Research on Environmental Impacts
The Costs and Benefits of Environmental Regulation
Ion Beams in Materials Processing and Analysis
Understanding the Dynamics of Biological Systems: Lessons Learned from Integrative Systems Biology
Tumour-Associated Macrophages
Logical Analysis of Hybrid Systems: Proving Theorems for Complex Dynamics
Biophysical Chemistry of Proteins: An Introduction to Laboratory Methods
Cell-Cycle Mechanisms and Neuronal Cell Death
Leptospira and Leptospirosis
Fractional-order Systems and Controls: Fundamentals and Applications
Mathematics in the 21st Century: 6th World Conference, Lahore, March 2013
Lab-on-a-Chip Devices and Micro-Total Analysis Systems: A Practical Guide
Rare Malignant Skin Tumors
Computational Cardiovascular Mechanics: Modeling and Applications in Heart Failure
Modern Management of Cancer of the Rectum
Mapping Sustainability: Knowledge e-Networking and the Value Chain
Fractional Linear Systems and Electrical Circuits
Progress in Location-Based Services 2014
Global Maritime Transport and Ballast Water Management: Issues and Solutions
Protocols for Multislice CT
By101 Textbook 2015
Managing Open Innovation Technologies
Failure and Damage Analysis of Advanced Materials
Employment Location in Cities and Regions: Models and Applications
Thermo-Hydro-Mechanical-Chemical Processes in Fractured Porous Media: Modelling and Benchmarking: Closed-Form Solutions
Liquid Crystalline Semiconductors: Materials, properties and applications
PID Controller Tuning Using the Magnitude Optimum Criterion
GPU Computing and Applications
Carbon Capture, Storage and Use: Technical, Economic, Environmental and Societal Perspectives
Learning Spaces: Interdisciplinary Applied Mathematics
Dielectric Polymer Nanocomposites
Alternative Types of Roundabouts: An Informational Guide
Braunkohlentagebau Und Rekultivierung: Landschafts kologie -- Folgenutzung -- Naturschutz
Stem Cells and Cancer
Nanomicrobiology: Physiological and Environmental Characteristics
The Business of Bioscience: What goes into making a Biotechnology Product
Leray-Schauder Type Alternatives, Complementarity Problems and Variational Inequalities
Explanation and Proof in Mathematics: Philosophical and Educational Perspectives
Nanodiamonds: Applications in Biology and Nanoscale Medicine
Endogenous ADP-Ribosylation
Magnetic Oxides
Deformation and Fracture of Solid-State Materials: Field Theoretical Approach and Engineering Applications
3D Geoinformation Science: The Selected Papers of the 3D GeoInfo 2014
Computer Vision in Control Systems-2: Innovations in Practice
A Practical Guide to the Evaluation of Child Physical Abuse and Neglect
Body Metabolism and Exercise
Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care: Volume 2: Quality Improvement and Patient Safety
Traditional Machining Processes: Research Advances
Fundamentals of Lead-Free Solder Interconnect Technology: From Microstructures to Reliability
Bioinformation Discovery: Data to Knowledge in Biology
Reforming European Data Protection Law
Algorithm Design and Applications
Braunkohlesanierung: Grundlagen, Geotechnik, Wasserwirtschaft, Brachflachen, Rekultivierung, Vermarktung
Ethics in the World of Business
Carbohydrates: Synthesis, Mechanisms, and Stereoelectronic Effects
Handbook of the Economics of International Migration: The Immigrants: Volume 1A
Nuclear Dynamics: Molecular Biology and Visualization of the Nucleus
Design and Verification of Microprocessor Systems for High-Assurance Applications
Breast Cancer Epidemiology
Transgenesis Techniques: Principles and Protocols
Functional Surfaces in Biology: Adhesion Related Phenomena Volume 2
Atomic Force Microscopy Based Nanorobotics: Modelling, Simulation, Setup Building and Experiments
Pharmaceutical Suspensions: From Formulation Development to Manufacturing
Applied Data Analysis and Modeling for Energy Engineers and Scientists
Advances in Cancer Stem Cell Biology
WomenS Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century: An International Multi-Level Research Analysis
Cell-Extracellular Matrix Interactions in Cancer
Dynamic Models and Control of Biological Systems
Connect Access Card for Sociology: A Brief Introduction 11/E
Games of Strategy
Complete GMATstrategy Guide Set
Biomechanics of the Gravid Human Uterus
Computational Surgery and Dual Training
Natural Products and Cancer Drug Discovery
Pouvoir Militaire En Afrique Subsaharienne: Le Cas Du Cameroun, Le
Cell Death Signaling in Cancer Biology and Treatment
Software Engineering Research, Management and Applications
Bond Graph Model-based Fault Diagnosis of Hybrid Systems
Pediatric Urology: Contemporary Strategies from Fetal Life to Adolescence
Computer Simulation of Thermal Plant Operations
Nonlinear Dynamics New Directions: Theoretical Aspects
CMOS Test and Evaluation: A Physical Perspective
Chronobiology and Obesity
Metal Oxide Nanomaterials for Chemical Sensors
Advances in Water Resources Engineering
Copper Interconnect Technology
Prions and Diseases: Volume 1, Physiology and Pathophysiology
Pediatric Renal Transplantation: Protocols Controversies
The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 2: North of Florida and Mexico
The Pollination Biology of North American Orchids: Volume 1: North of Florida and Mexico
Cancer Immunotherapy: Paradigms, Practice and Promise
Complications of CSF Shunting in Hydrocephalus: Prevention, Identification, and Management
Partitional Clustering Algorithms
Information Sciences and Systems 2014: Proceedings of the 29th International Symposium on Computer and Information Sciences
Sample Preparation of Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms: Challenges and Strategies for Sample Preparation and Extraction
New Frontiers of Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases
M65 On-site Generation of Hypochlorite
Animal Models of T Cell-Mediated Skin Diseases
Microbial Metal Respiration: From Geochemistry to Potential Applications
The Book of Job: Aesthetics, Ethics, Hermeneutics
Methods in Behavioral Research with Connect Plus Access Card
Forces Occultes
The Roman Villa of Hoogeloon and the Archaeology of the Periphery
Die Macht Des Mythos: Das Mythosverst ndnis Paul Tillichs Im Kontext
Prominin-1 (CD133): New Insights on Stem Cancer Stem Cell Biology
American Promise, Combined Volume 6e Launchpad for the American Promise Combined and Value Edition 6e (Twelve Month Access)
Heilmittelversorgung Im Recht Der Gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung, Die
The Histone Code and Beyond: New Approaches to Cancer Therapy
Surviving Work: Toxic Organizational Communication
Advanced Techniques in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Cult in Pisidia: Religious Practice in Southwestern Asia Minor from Alexander the Great to the Rise of Christianity
The Promises and Challenges of Regenerative Medicine
Dislokation Im Bilingualen Erstspracherwerb
Re-Imagining North Korea in International Politics: Problems and alternatives
Computational Methods for Counterterrorism
A Life-Course Perspective on Migration and Integration
Prostate Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosis and Management
Transitions Towards Sustainable Mobility: New Solutions and Approaches for Sustainable Transport Systems
Chi 14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Vol 2b
Intracellular Calcium: 2 Volume Set
Supply Chain Management: An Evolutionary Computing Approach
Briefwechsel 1926-1976
M14 Backflow Prevention and Cross-Connection Control Recommended Practices
Parts Management Models and Applications: A Supply Chain System Integration Perspective
The Planners Guide to Natural Resource Conservation:: The Science of Land Development Beyond the Metropolitan Fringe
Infection Control in the Intensive Care Unit
Neuroinformatics for Neuropsychology
The Art of Artificial Evolution: A Handbook on Evolutionary Art and Music
Toward Equity in Quality in Mathematics Education
The Herbal of al-Ghafiqi: A Facsimile Edition with Critical Essays
Tortricidae, part 1: Tortricinae Chlidanotinae
Endourooncology: New Horizons in Endourology
Enas Aionas Panathinaikos: The Story of the Green Emperor 1908-2008
Minimally Invasive Tumor Therapies
Biomaterials for Cardiac Regeneration
Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management: The Asia-Pacific Region
High Performance Computing on Vector Systems 2009
in Christ in Paul: Explorations in Pauls Theology of Union and Participation
The Stained Glass of the Hosmer Collection, McGill University: Corpus Vitrearum Canada
Mountain Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction
Advances in Mathematical Economics Volume 7
Ready: A Commodore 64 Retrospective
Clinical Informatics Board Review: Pass the Exam the First Time
Handbook of Scales in Tourism and Hospitality Research
The Mechanobiology of Obesity and Related Diseases
Intercity Transport and Climate Change: Strategies for Reducing the Carbon Footprint
Globalization and Urban Implosion: Creating New Competitive Advantage
Design of Experiments for Reinforcement Learning
Neurobiological Studies of Addiction in Chronic Pain States
Neurologische Therapie
Hernia Repair Sequelae
Manuscript Communication: Visual and Textual Mechanics of Communication in Hagiographical Texts from the Southern Low Countries, 900-1200
American Education: A Social History
Mathematical Methods in Robust Control of Discrete-Time Linear Stochastic Systems
The Genetics of Cattle
Process Analytical Technology for the Food Industry
Rhetoric and the Early Royal Society: A Sourcebook
Analysis and Numerics for Conservation Laws
Organizational Systems: Managing Complexity with the Viable System Model
Prevention and Treatment of Complications in Proctological Surgery
Argumentation and Education: Theoretical Foundations and Practices
Igor Stravinsky: Sounds and Gestures of Modernism
Model-Driven Design Using IEC 61499: A Synchronous Approach for Embedded and Automation Systems
Hispanic Families at Risk: The New Economy, Work, and the Welfare State
Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, Third Edition WileyPLUS Student Package
Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory: CANT 2011 and 2012
Chi 14 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Vol 2a
Olds Maternal-Newborn Nursing Womens Health Across the Lifespan
2015 Physician Practice Answers
Mass Spectrometry of Proteins and Peptides: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition
Automotive Black Boxes: Background, Issues, Engineering Data Analysis
Hymnes Orphiques
Loose-Leaf Version for Investigating Chemistry Launchpad Six Month Access
Violence in Literature
Education in America: Issues, Analyses, Policies Programs -- Volume 4
Democratization in Ukraine, Georgia Belarus: Success, Stagnation Context
Renewable Fuel Standard: Overview, Issues, Future Considerations
Body Law and the Body of Law: A Comparative Study of Social Norm Inclusion in Norwegian and American Laws
Forgotten People: Poverty, Risk and Social Security in Indonesia: The Case of the Madurese
Preise Und Preisgestaltung in Der Energiewirtschaft
The Voting Rights Act: Historical Context and Associated Issues and Trends
The American Comic Book
sthetizistische Kulturkritik Und Ethische Utopie: Georg Luk cs Neukantianisches Fr hwerk
Zwerghirsch - Zypern, Nachtrige: ibi - Zombie
Sex Trafficking of Minors: Overview, Federal Response Justice Systems Issues
Kundigungsschutzrecht: Kommentiertes Prozessformularbuch
Taxes in the United States: Developments, Analysis Research -- Volume 4
Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs
Yeast Functional Genomics and Proteomics: Methods and Protocols
Skythen in Der Lateinischen Literatur Eine Quellensammlung
Corporate Inversions: Motivation Tax Reform Issues
Prehospital Control of Traumatic External Hemorrhage: Literature Review Evidence Analysis of Tourniquets Hemostatic Dressings
Corporate Wellness Programs: Linking Employee and Organizational Health
Plant Signal Transduction: Methods and Protocols
Zenon Von Elea: Studien Zu Den argumenten Gegen Die Vielheit Und Zum Sogenannten argument Des Orts
Global Agriculture: Developments, Issues Research -- Volume 6
Controlled Drug Delivery: The Role of Self-Assembling Multi-Task Excipients
Manufacturing Plutonium Pits for Nuclear Weapons: Technical Aspects Considerations for Congress
Preventing Emergency Department Violence: Tips and Tools to Keep Your Facility Safe
Agricultural Trade: Sanitary, Phytosanitary Technical Barriers
20 Jahre Hochschule Der Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung: Brucke Zwischen Wissenschaft Und Praxis
Minority Governance in and beyond Europe: Celebrating 10 Years of the European Yearbook of Minority Issues
Der Polykratische Tempel Im Heraion Von Samos
Rural Landscapes and Agricultural Policies in Europe
Bacteria in Agrobiology: Plant Nutrient Management
Celestial Shadows: Eclipses, Transits, and Occultations
Emotional Engineering: Service Development
Nile River Basin: Hydrology, Climate and Water Use
Strength in Numbers: The Rising of Academic Statistics Departments in the U. S.
Evolutionary Biology - Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution and Genome Evolution
Advances in Biology and Therapy of Multiple Myeloma: Volume 1: Basic Science
Bispecific Antibodies
Role of the Transcriptome in Breast Cancer Prevention
Dynamic Modelling for Supply Chain Management: Dealing with Front-end, Back-end and Integration Issues
Chernobyl - What Have We Learned?: The Successes and Failures to Mitigate Water Contamination Over 20 Years
National Security Preparedness: Issues, Developments Analyses -- Volume 3
Anwendungstechnologie Aluminium
Fabrication of Complex Optical Components: From Mold Design to Product
Dynamic Models of Infectious Diseases: Volume 1: Vector-Borne Diseases
Computational Methods for the Innovative Design of Electrical Devices
Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in PEM Fuel Cells: Fundamentals and Applications
Cognitive Radio, Software Defined Radio, and Adaptive Wireless Systems
Forest Landscape Restoration: Integrating Natural and Social Sciences
New Directions in Wireless Communications Research
Multiple Sclerosis, Mad Cow Disease and Acinetobacter
United States Code, 2012 Edition, V. 18, Title 26, Internal Revenue Code, Sections 1-441
Mining, Society, and a Sustainable World
Applications of Biotechnology in Cardiovascular Therapeutics
Water and Nutrient Management in Natural and Constructed Wetlands
Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Plasmas
The Geobiology and Ecology of Metasequoia
Wireless Networking Based Control
Tropical Circulation Systems and Monsoons
Detection and Diagnostics of Plant Pathogens
Machining with Abrasives
Loose-Leaf Version for World Regional Geography Concepts
Fundamentals of Modern Unsteady Aerodynamics
Next-Generation Actuators Leading Breakthroughs
The Gallup Poll: Public Opinion 2013
Monstrous Crimes and the Failure of Forensic Psychiatry
Climate Variability and Extremes during the Past 100 years
Hybrid Entities and the EU Direct Tax Directives
Automata, Universality, Computation: Tribute to Maurice Margenstern
The State of Texas with Connect Plus Access Card
Building Maintenance Processes and Practices: The Case of a Fast Developing Country
Design and Operation of Automated Container Storage Systems
Dynamics of Cyclic Machines
The Neurochemical Basis of Autism: From Molecules to Minicolumns
Development and Engineering of Dopamine Neurons
Prions and Diseases: Volume 2, Animals, Humans and the Environment
Renal Cell Carcinoma: Molecular Targets and Clinical Applications
Biofilm-based Healthcare-associated Infections: Volume I
Nonlinear Vibration with Control: For Flexible and Adaptive Structures
Cardiovascular Imaging: Arterial and Aortic Valve Inflammation and Calcification
Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art / Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek 64 (2014): Trading Values in Early Modern Antwerp
Programmierte Therapie Am Bewegungsapparat: Chirotherapie -- Osteopathie -- Physiotherapie
Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care: Volume 1: Outcomes Analysis
Composting for Sustainable Agriculture
Evolvable Machines: Theory Practice
Clinico-Pathological Atlas of Cardiovascular Diseases
Appropriate Dose Selection - How to Optimize Clinical Drug Development
E-Governance for Smart Cities
Cardiac Drug Therapy
Functional BOLD MRI: Principles and Applications
Disorders of the Hand: Volume 1: Hand Injuries
Hydrometeorology: Forecasting and Applications
Dynamics of Spatio-Temporal Cellular Structures: Henri Benard Centenary Review
Analytical Mechanics
The Median Nerve: Motor Conduction Studies
Recent Advances in Applied Probability
Metacognition: Fundaments, Applications, and Trends: A Profile of the Current State-Of-The-Art
Rice Planthoppers: Ecology, Management, Socio Economics and Policy
Soft Actuators: Materials, Modeling, Applications, and Future Perspectives
Confronting Emerging Zoonoses: The One Health Paradigm
Resistance to Targeted ABC Transporters in Cancer
Managing in Recovering Markets
Fuzzy Control Systems with Time-Delay and Stochastic Perturbation: Analysis and Synthesis
Advanced Electromagnetics and Scattering Theory
Income Tax Regulations (Winter 2015 Edition), December 2014
Vertebrate Myogenesis: Stem Cells and Precursors
Proteomics: Methods and Protocols
New Jersey Business Litigation 2015
Perspectives in Regenerative Medicine
ADEX Optimized Adaptive Controllers and Systems: From Research to Industrial Practice
Catalogue of Korean Manuscripts and Rare Books
Citric Acid
Built Heritage: Monitoring Conservation Management
Weather Derivatives: Modeling and Pricing Weather-Related Risk
Congressional Record (Bound Volumes)
Modeling and Control for a Blended Wing Body Aircraft: A Case Study
Carbon Fibers
Space Weather: The Physics Behind a Slogan
Design Methodologies for Secure Embedded Systems: Festschrift in Honor of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sorin A. Huss
Ethylene in Plants
Nucleic Acid and Peptide Aptamers: Methods and Protocols
Single Molecule Chemistry and Physics: An Introduction
Space Debris: Models and Risk Analysis
Urine Proteomics in Kidney Disease Biomarker Discovery
Jahrbuch Des Foderalismus 2014: Foderalismus, Subsidiaritat Und Regionen in Europa
APIL Clinical Negligence
Us: A Narrative History W/ Connect Plus 2t AC
Egyptian-Coptic Linguistics in Typological Perspective
Surviving the Middle Passage: The West Africa-Surinam Sprachbund
Marktstrukturverantwortung Der Mitgliedstaaten Der Europaischen Union, Die
Medication Management for People With Co-occurring Disorders
Street Life in London: Context and Commentary
Modeling, Diagnostics and Process Control: Implementation in the DiaSter System
Rangeland Stewardship in Central Asia: Balancing Improved Livelihoods, Biodiversity Conservation and Land Protection
Geospatial Technology for Earth Observation
Modeling and Diagnostics of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Design Automation Methods and Tools for Microfluidics-Based Biochips
Chromatography of Aroma Compounds and Fragrances
Innovations in Intelligent Image Analysis
Metallointercalators: Synthesis and Techniques to Probe Their Interactions with Biomolecules
Nano-Electronic Devices: Semiclassical and Quantum Transport Modeling
Sheet Metal Forming Processes: Constitutive Modelling and Numerical Simulation
Sustainable Land Management: Learning from the Past for the Future
Data Assimilation: The Ensemble Kalman Filter
Geodetic Reference Frames: IAG Symposium Munich, Germany, 9-14 October 2006
Drought Assessment
Geolocation of RF Signals: Principles and Simulations
Analog Circuit Design: Robust Design, Sigma Delta Converters, RFID
Characterization of Corrosion Products on Steel Surfaces
Nutrient Use Efficiency in Plants: Concepts and Approaches
Carbon-based Membranes for Separation Processes
Lipid Mediators and Their Metabolism in the Brain
Hematologic Cancers: From Molecular Pathobiology to Targeted Therapeutics
DNA Helicases and DNA Motor Proteins
Connexins: A Guide
Advances in Electronic Testing: Challenges and Methodologies
Remote Sensing from Space: Supporting International Peace and Security
Virtual Testing and Predictive Modeling: For Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics Allowables
The Global Thermohaline Paleocirculation
The Law of Rescission
Studies of Cave Sediments: Physical and Chemical Records of Paleoclimate
Hamlets Heirs: Shakespeare and The Politics of a New Millennium
Weather Modeling and Forecasting of PV Systems Operation
Geomorphological Landscapes of the World
Systems Biology of Tumor Dormancy
Fundamentals of III-V Semiconductor MOSFETs
Glucose Sensing
The SAGE Handbook of Modern Japanese Studies
Empathie ALS Element Einer Rekonstruktiven Theorie Der Menschenrechte
Minutes to Go: Even Death Can Be a Purpose
Sexual Orientation and Rights
Detachments for Cohesion: Toward an Information Grammar of Oral Languages
Perspectives in Urban Ecology: Ecosystems and Interactions between Humans and Nature in the Metropolis of Berlin
Introduction to Structural Chemistry
Isotope Effects: in the Chemical, Geological, and Bio Sciences
The Amazon Varzea: The Decade Past and the Decade Ahead
Thermodynamics of Solutions: From Gases to Pharmaceutics to Proteins
Compendium Of In Vivo Monitoring In Real-time Molecular Neuroscience - Volume 1: Fundamentals And Applications
Scholarly Metrics Under the Microscope: From Citation Analysis to Academic Auditing
Handbook of Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Hot Carrier Degradation in Semiconductor Devices
DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems
White Space Communication: Advances, Developments and Engineering Challenges
General Principles of Orthopedics and Trauma
Developing Security Tools of WSN and WBAN Networks Applications
Revenue statistics: 1965-2013
Intelligent Algorithms in Ambient and Biomedical Computing
Synaptic Tagging and Capture: From Synapses to Behavior
Intercultural Economic Analysis: Theory and Method
Mathematical Subjects: Children Talk About Their Mathematics Lives
Advanced Techniques in Limb Reconstruction Surgery
Bacterial Activation of Type I Interferons
Wave Propagation in Drilling, Well Logging and Reservoir Applications
Simulation and Verification of Electronic and Biological Systems
Intraperitoneal Therapy for Ovarian Cancer
Automation, Communication and Cybernetics in Science and Engineering 2013/2014
Archaeology and Preservation of Gendered Landscapes
An Analytical Approach to Optical Burst Switched Networks
Mental Health and Scots Law in Practice
Single Subject Designs in Biomedicine
M-Solid Varieties of Algebras
Mobile Robot Navigation with Intelligent Infrared Image Interpretation
A World Trade Organization for the 21st Century: The Asian Perspective
Computational Red Teaming: Risk Analytics of Big-Data-to-Decisions Intelligent Systems
Towards Cultural Psychology of Religion: Principles, Approaches, Applications
Raising Capital
Drugs in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law [3 volumes]
Surgery for Low Back Pain
Extravasation of Cytotoxic Agents: Compendium for Prevention and Management
Human and Mosquito Lysozymes: Old Molecules for New Approaches Against Malaria
Knights Forensic Pathology
Operations Strategy
Leptin: Regulation and Clinical Applications
Valuation: The Art and Science of Corporate Investment Decisions
Methods of Microarray Data Analysis IV
Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Aging
Global Attractors Of Non-autonomous Dynamical And Control Systems (2nd Edition)
Late Pleistocene and Holocene Environmental Change on the Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Proud Heritage: People, Issues, and Documents of the LGBT Experience [3 volumes]: People, Issues, and Documents of the LGBT Experience
Cengage Advantage Books: Fundamentals of Business Law Today: Summarized Cases
Radiation Hormesis and the Linear-No-Threshold Assumption
The Molecular Mechanisms of Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome
Abl Family Kinases in Development and Disease
The Brain, the Nervous System, and Their Diseases [3 volumes]
Emerging Location Aware Broadband Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
From Parity Violation to Hadronic Structure and more: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop Held at Milos, Greece, May 16-20, 2006
The SAGE Handbook of Television Studies
Health Research in Developing Countries: A collaboration between Burkina Faso and Germany
Macroevolution in Human Prehistory: Evolutionary Theory and Processual Archaeology
Partial Differential Control Theory: Volume I: Mathematical Tools, Volume II: Control System
Perioperative Medical Management for Total Joint Arthroplasty: How to Control Hemostasis, Pain and Infection
Nutrition for Life
Triadic Game Design: Balancing Reality, Meaning and Play
Multi-Agent Programming:: Languages, Tools and Applications
A Companion to Ancient Egyptian Art
Orientalism, Gender, and the Jews: Literary and Artistic Transformations of European National Discourses
Environmental Law
Ubertragung Und Belastung Unkorperlicher Gegenstande Im Deutschen Und Englischen Privatrecht
Noninvasive Mechanical Ventilation: Theory, Equipment, and Clinical Applications
The Rise and Fall of a Socialist Welfare State: The German Democratic Republic (1949-1990) and German Unification (1989-1994)
SAT 2005: Satisfiability Research in the Year 2005
Performance Evaluation and Benchmarking of Intelligent Systems
The Cambridge Rawls Lexicon
Stoeltings Pharmacology Physiology in Anesthetic Practice
Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling
Linguistisch Fundierte Sprachf rderung Und Sprachdidaktik
Sozial Nachhaltiges Personalmanagement Und Frauenerwerbstatigkeit
Multimedia Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Religious Publishing and Print Culture in Modern China: 1800-2012
Artificial Life Models in Software
Complexity Metrics in Engineering Design: Managing the Structure of Design Processes
Exam 70-413 Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure
International trade statistics yearbook 2013: Vol. 1: Trade by country
A Smyrneika Lexicon: The Language of Smyrna (Izmir, Turkey) Explained and Illustrated
Behavioral Neurobiology of Chronic Pain
Differential Diagnosis in Cytopathology Book and Online Bundle
Systems and Synthetic Biology
Peptide Nucleic Acids, Morpholinos and Related Antisense Biomolecules
kologie - Individuen, Populationen Und Lebensgemeinschaften
The Real Issues of the Middle East and the Arab Spring: Addressing Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Neuroendocrine Correlates of Sleep/Wakefulness
Individualisierung Durch Christliche Mission?
Liver and Pancreatic Diseases Management
Convection in Porous Media
Surgical Treatment of Colorectal Liver Metastases
Biological Aging: Methods and Protocols
Coordinated Activity in the Brain: Measurements and Relevance to Brain Function and Behavior
Pervasive Health Knowledge Management
Computational Intelligence Systems in Industrial Engineering: With Recent Theory and Applications
Electrophysiology and Psychophysiology in Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology
Genetic Transformation Systems in Fungi, Volume 2
Transplantation of Composite Tissue Allografts
Proceedings of All India Seminar on Biomedical Engineering 2012 (AISOBE 2012)
Quantum Dynamics of Complex Molecular Systems
Camille Flammarions the Planet Mars: As Translated by Patrick Moore
Entrepreneurship, Finance, Governance and Ethics
Dental Hard Tissues and Bonding: Interfacial Phenomena and Related Properties
Urban Transportation Planning in the United States: History, Policy, and Practice
New Software Engineering Paradigm Based on Complexity Science: An Introduction to NSE
MDCT: A Practical Approach
The Quality of Our Financial Markets: Taking Stock of Where We Stand
US Programs Affecting Food and Agricultural Marketing
Moksopaya: Ubersetzung, Teil 4. Das Funfte Buch. Das Buch Uber Das Zurruhekommen. Ubersetzung Von Roland Steiner
Side Effects of Drugs Annual: A worldwide yearly survey of new data in adverse drug reactions: Volume 36
Recent Developments in Foresight Methodologies
Nature Policies and Landscape Policies: Towards an Alliance
Cerebral Monitoring in the OR and ICU
Recent Advances in Redox Active Plant and Microbial Products: From Basic Chemistry to Widespread Applications in Medicine and Agriculture
Dryland Ecohydrology
The p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway and Cancer
Subunit Vaccine Delivery
Neural Crest Induction and Differentiation
Advanced Concepts in Fluorescence Sensing: Part A: Small Molecule Sensing
Neuropeptide Systems as Targets for Parasite and Pest Control
Broadening the Genetic Base of Grain Legumes
Family Farming and the Worlds to Come
Cellular Therapy for Stroke and CNS Injuries
Galling Arthropods and Their Associates: Ecology and Evolution
Plant Metabolomics: Methods and Applications
Human-Environment Interactions: Current and Future Directions
Circulating Nucleic Acids in Early Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment Monitoring: An Introduction
Muller Cells in the Healthy and Diseased Retina
Cancer Stem Cells: Novel Concepts and Prospects for Tumor Therapy
Advanced High Voltage Power Device Concepts
Plant Genome Diversity Volume 2: Physical Structure, Behaviour and Evolution of Plant Genomes
Nanodispersions: Interactions, Stability, and Dynamics
Forensic Speaker Recognition: Law Enforcement and Counter-Terrorism
Long-Term Durability of Polymeric Matrix Composites
Fibrogenesis: Cellular and Molecular Basis
Vaccines: A Biography
Novel Technologies for Vaccine Development

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