Studies in Second Language Acquisition of Chinese
The French Revolution and the Birth of Electoral Democracy
Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law: Series Number 25: Intellectual Property, Indigenous People and their Knowledge
Jewish Studies in the 21st Century: Prague - Europe - World
L Implementation D Un Systeme de Management Environnemental
Laudatio Funebris
3D Imaging, Analysis and Applications
Gravure, La
Synthese Und Funktionalisierung Von Stickstoffhaltigen Heterozyklen Und Deren Anwendung
Human Resource Management, Global Edition
Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease Professional Edition
Representations Sociales de LOr En Afrique Noire Et Projets Miniers
Medical Complications in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Chemical Fate and Transport in the Environment
Ribosome-inactivating Proteins: Ricin and Related Proteins
Financial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 7/E WileyPlus Lms Student Package
Accord DAssociation Tunisie/Union Europeenne
Financement Par Le Prive Des Investissements Touristiques Au Mali
Mise En Tourisme de La Region de LOriental Marocain, La
Etude Du Pouvoir Allelopathique de LOrge
The Next War in the Air: Britains Fear of the Bomber, 1908-1941
Jaufre: An Occitan Arthurian Romance
Quincy Jones: A Research and Information Guide
The New Natural Resource: Knowledge Development, Society and Economics
Narrative Exchanges
The Egyptian Heaven and Hell: Volume I
Thebes in the Fifth Century: Heracles Resurgent
Asylum - A Right Denied: A Critical Analysis of European Asylum Policy
Neighborhood Associations and Local Governance in Japan
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 2): Conditioning and Behavior Theory
On Seeing Forms
Art in the Time of Colony
A Festival of Chemistry Entertainments
Fantasy and Mimesis: Responses to Reality in Western Literature
Following the Proceeds of Environmental Crime: Fish, Forests and Filthy Lucre
The Global Decline of the Mandatory Death Penalty: Constitutional Jurisprudence and Legislative Reform in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean
Curriculum, Personal Narrative and the Social Future
Shadows of the Slave Past: Memory, Heritage, and Slavery
Socio-Economic Insecurity in Emerging Economies: Building new spaces
Challenging Consumption: Pathways to a more Sustainable Future
Drama Education and Dramatherapy: Exploring the space between disciplines
The Oxford Handbook of Interactive Audio
Human Resource Management in Emerging Economies
The Challenges of Diaspora Migration: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Israel and Germany
Domestic Murder in Nineteenth-Century England: Literary and Cultural Representations
The Faerie Queene
Towards a System of European Criminal Justice: The Problem of Admissibility of Evidence
The Many Faces of Tolerance: Attitudes toward Diversity in Poland
Public Innovation through Collaboration and Design
Is the Environment a Luxury?: An Inquiry into the relationship between environment and income
Electrochemically Enabled Sustainability: Devices, Materials and Mechanisms for Energy Conversion
The Changing Landscape of International Schooling: Implications for theory and practice
Vernaculars in the Classroom: Paradoxes, Pedagogy, Possibilities
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Coumarin Derivatives
Democratic Transformation and the Vernacular Public Arena in India
The Decrees of Memphis and Canopus: Vol. I: The Rosetta Stone
Cinema, State Socialism and Society in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1917-1989: Re-Visions
E-Governance in India: Interlocking politics, technology and culture
Terrors of Uncertainty: The Cultural Contexts of Horror Fiction
US Arms Policies Towards the Shahs Iran
Volume 15, Tome III: Kierkegaards Concepts: Envy to Incognito
British Propaganda and Wars of Empire: Influencing Friend and Foe 1900-2010
Confronting Land and Property Problems for Peace
Crime, Desire and Laws Unconscious: Law, Literature and Culture
The Decrees of Memphis and Canopus: Vol. III: The Decree of Canopus
Female Masochism in Film: Sexuality, Ethics and Aesthetics
Muslim and Catholic Pilgrimage Practices: Explorations Through Java
Challenging Myths of Masculinity: Understanding Physical Cultures
History, Memory, and Trans-European Identity: Unifying Divisions
American Smuggling as White Collar Crime
Positioning Theory and Strategic Communication: A new approach to public relations research and practice
Painting Labour in Scotland and Europe, 1850-1900
The Decrees of Memphis and Canopus: Vol. II: The Rosetta Stone
The Political and Economic Thought of the Young Keynes: Liberalism, Markets and Empire
Gendered Drugs and Medicine: Historical and Socio-Cultural Perspectives
Gender in Urban Europe: Sites of Political Activity and Citizenship, 1750-1900
Classical Genres and English Poetry
Windpower Ownership in Sweden: Business models and motives
Voices from American Prisons: Faith, Education and Healing
Governing Insecurity in Japan: The Domestic Discourse and Policy Response
Human Rights Law and Personal Identity
Education, Justice and the Human Good: Fairness and equality in the education system
Deeds Done Beyond the Sea: Essays on William of Tyre, Cyprus and the Military Orders presented to Peter Edbury
Archaeology of the War of 1812
Holt McDougal Modern Chemistry Texas: Student One Stop DVD
Marquee Series: Microsoft (R)Word 2013: Text with data files CD
Indias Nuclear Energy Programme
Each Day I Like It Better: Autism, ECT, and the Treatment of Our Most Impaired Children
Marquee Series: Microsoft (R)Access 2013: Text with data files CD
A/V A to Z: An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Media, Entertainment and Other Audiovisual Terms
Aging in America
African States and Rulers
Parks Pediatric Cardiology for Practitioners, 6e
Architectural System Structures: Integrating Design Complexity in Industrialised Construction
Kant and the Cultivation of Virtue
The Informal Economy in Developing Countries
New Modern Chinese Women and Gender Politics: The Centennial of the End of the Qing Dynasty
The Philosophy and Psychology of Character and Happiness
Peirces Account of Purposefulness: A Kantian Perspective
The Wars of Louis XVI,1667-1714, The Rise of the Great Powers, 1648-1815 and The Great Powers and the European States System, 1814-1914 - PACK
Twentieth Century Christian Responses to Religious Pluralism: Difference is Everything
Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields
Jungs Theory of Personality: A modern reappraisal
Online Games, Social Narratives
Spiritual Experiences in Early Childhood Education: Four Kindergarteners, One Classroom
International Perspectives on Education, Religion and Law
The Oxford Handbook of the Psalms
Sexual Orientation at Work: Contemporary Issues and Perspectives
RD Investment and Impact in the Global Construction Industry
Milton: A Study in Ideology and Form
Transnational Cinema and Ideology: Representing Religion, Identity and Cultural Myths
Reading and Writing History from Bruni to Windschuttle: Essays in Honour of Gary Ianziti
The Egyptian Heaven and Hell: Volume III
A Global Conceptual History of Asia, 1860-1940
Christians and the Middle East Conflict
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 5): Human Information Processing
The Oxford Handbook of Religious Conversion
Transdisciplinary Sustainability Studies: A Heuristic Approach
Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy: From Sprezzatura to Satire
Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method: Volume I (Psychology Revivals): History and Method
The EUs Government of Industries: Markets, Institutions and Politics
Maritime Logistics Value in Knowledge Management
Resource Accounting for Sustainability Assessment: The Nexus between Energy, Food, Water and Land Use
Advanced Backend Code Optimization
Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method: Volume VII (Psychology Revivals): Intelligence
Living in a Landscape of Scarcity: Materiality and Cosmology in West Africa
The Therapeutic Imagination: Using literature to deepen psychodynamic understanding and enhance empathy
The Earth Charter, Ecological Integrity and Social Movements
Liberal Politics and Public Faith: Beyond Separation
Territorial Cohesion in Rural Europe: The Relational Turn in Rural Development
Elizabethan Grotesque
Communities in Transition: Protected Nature and Local People in Eastern and Central Europe
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 1): Introduction to Concepts and Issues
Psychology Serving Humanity: Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology: Volume 1: Majority World Psychology
Tourism, Religion and Pilgrimage in Jerusalem
Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method: Volume V (Psychology Revivals): Motivation, Emotion and Personality
Imagining Muslims in South Asia and the Diaspora: Secularism, Religion, Representations
Rare Earth Materials: Properties and Applications
John Rawls and the History of Political Thought: The Rousseauvian and Hegelian Heritage of Justice as Fairness
Teen Pregnancy and Parenting: Rethinking the Myths and Misperceptions
Climate Change Adaptation in Africa: An Historical Ecology
Constructing a German Diaspora: The Greater German Empire , 1871-1914
Victims of Violence and Restorative Practices: Finding a Voice
Social Context Reform: A Pedagogy of Equity and Opportunity
Government and the Environment: The Role of the Modern State in the Face of Global Challenges
Occurrence, Fate and Impact of Atmospheric Pollutants on Environmental Health
The Oxford Handbook of Emotion, Social Cognition, and Problem Solving in Adulthood
Chemistry, Process Design, and Safety for the Nitration Industry
The Origins of Modern Financial Crime: Historical foundations and current problems in Britain
Low Carbon Transitions for Developing Countries
Developing and Maintaining a Successful Undergraduate Research Program
Innovations and Renovations: Designing the Teaching Laboratory
Wordsworths Historical Imagination: The Poetry of Displacement
Exile and Religious Identity, 1500-1800
Strategic Management in Public Organizations: European Practices and Perspectives
Collaborative Strategies for Sustainable Cities: Economy, Environment and Community in Baltimore
Democracy in Contemporary Confucian Philosophy
Long-Term Imprisonment and Human Rights
Little Red Scares: Anti-Communism and Political Repression in the United States, 1921-1946
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 6): Linguistic Functions in Cognitive Theory
A History of Foreign Students in Britain
Carbon-based Nanomaterials and Hybrids: Synthesis, Properties, and Commercial Applications
Methodological Challenges and New Approaches to Research in International Development
Colegio de Aplicacao Joao XXIII E Faculdade de Educacao/Ufjf
Architectural Tourism: Building for Urban Travel Destinations
Broken Words: Pelicans Don T Live for Ever!
Spirit Becomes Matter: The Brontes, George Eliot, Nietzsche
Jesuit Chreia in Late Ming China: Two Studies with an Annotated Translation of Alfonso Vagnones Illustrations of the Grand Dao
Randonnees Marche Audax Tome 1
Variable Renewable Energy and the Electricity Grid
Zinc Oxide Nanostructures: Advances and Applications
Plasma Harmonics
Calcium Aluminates: Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference
Cahiers dArt N Degrees1, 2014: Hiroshi Sugimoto: 38th Year, 100th issue
Advanced Nanomaterials for Aerospace Applications
The Praeger Handbook on Womens Cancers: Personal and Psychosocial Insights
NEW MyLab Political Science with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Comparative Politics Today: A World View
The Oxford Handbook of Gender, Sex, and Crime
Democracy Against Itself: Sustaining an Unsustainable Idea
MEMS Cost Analysis: From Laboratory to Industry
Xenopus Development
Business Process Management Workshops: BPM 2013 International Workshops, Beijing, China, August 26, 2013, Revised Papers
Perspectives Economiques En Afrique 2014: Les Chaines de Valeur Mondiales Et LIndustrialisation de LAfrique
Determinanti Psicosociali Della Protesta Contro Le Discariche, Le
Green Cloud: Smart Resource Allocation and Optimization
Gilles Deleuze: La Nueva Imagen del Pensamiento
Multiple Alternative Clusterings and Dimensionality Reduction
Privacy Enhancing Technologies: 14th International Symposium, PETS 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 16-18, 2014, Proceedings
Elders Health in Taiwan
Scanning SQUID Microscope for Studying Vortex Matter in Type-II Superconductors
Just Like Me: Gay Men Gay Space
Managing Creativity in Science and Hi-Tech
What Is This Thing Called Go(o)D?: Thats Religion Explained Now Lets Talk Peace!
Fun with Algorithms: 7th International Conference, FUN 2014, Lipari Island, Sicily, Italy, July 1-3, 2014, Proceedings
Teaching Framework Year 6
Mehrwert Elearning?
Propuesta Curricular de Habilidades Adaptativas
Efectos del Ozono Sobre La Produccion Relativa de Trigo y Cebada
Introduction to Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reactor Design
Community College Presidents Core Internal Metaphors and Leaderships
Fiber Fuse: Light-Induced Continuous Breakdown of Silica Glass Optical Fiber
Immunology to Mansoni Schistosomiasis: The Role of Cytokines
Akzeptanz Der Tcm in Der Westlichen Medizin
Skilled Visions: Between Apprenticeship and Standards
The Manual of Ethnography
Coping with Distances: Producing Nordic Atlantic Societies
Reconfiguring Citizenship: Social Exclusion and Diversity within Inclusive Citizenship Practices
Identity Matters: Ethnic and Sectarian Conflict
Contemporary Religiosities: Emergent Socialities and the Post-Nation-State
Taking Sides: Ethics, Politics, and Fieldwork in Anthropology
Biology and Diseases of the Ferret
Media and Nation Building: How the Iban became Malaysian
Lexical Variation and Attrition in the Scottish Fishing Communities
Reconceiving the Second Sex: Men, Masculinity, and Reproduction
The Limits of Meaning: Case Studies in the Anthropology of Christianity
Early Islam and the Birth of Capitalism
The Future of Indigenous Museums: Perspectives from the Southwest Pacific
Louis Dumont and Hierarchical Opposition
Coping with the Nazi Past: West German Debates on Nazism and Generational Conflict, 1955-1975
Tourism: Between Place and Performance
Formal and Informal Social Safety Nets: Growth and Development in the Modern Economy
The Arts in Nazi Germany: Continuity, Conformity, Change
Industrial and Organizational Psychology Help the Vulnerable: Serving the Underserved
Names and Nunavut: Culture and Identity in the Inuit Homeland
Americanization and Anti-americanism: The German Encounter with American Culture after 1945
Nauchnoe Issledovanie
Web-Based Treatment in Patients with Uc and 5-Asa Treatment
Annular Structures in Low Latitude Wind and Temperature Variability
Teaching Framework Year 1
Habilidades Resilientes En Mujeres En Situacion de Violencia
Allocative Efficiency Analysis of Electricity Generation
Earthquakes and Coseismic Surface Faulting on the Iranian Plateau: Volume 17
Teoriya Predprinimatelstva V Retrospektive
A Construcao Identitaria Da China No Discurso Midiatico
Some Results in Fixed Point Theory
Evaluation and Development of Methods Used for Making Soft Cheese
Rfid Devices Based on Conjugate Matching and Metamaterial Concepts
Opacity of Discrete Event Systems: Analysis and Control
Organizational Diagnosis of Smallholders Dairying
It-Assisted Music Composition Education in Hong Kong Primary Schools
High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites 8
KS3 Maths Teacher Pack 2.3
Aligning Organizations Through Measurement: The GQM+Strategies Approach
Impacto E Interaccion de la Agricultura Intensiva
Diagnostika Osobennostey Motivatsionnoy Sfery
Enhanced Ga Ls for Optimizing Soft Constrained Combinatorial Problems
Non-Linear Effects on Extensible Cable Connected Satellite System
Mediating Human Rights: Media, Culture and Human Rights Law
Rape, Victims, and Investigations: Experiences and Perceptions of Law Enforcement Officers Responding to Reported Rapes
The Americanization of Europe: Culture, Diplomacy, and Anti-Americanism after 1945
The Role, Position and Agency of Cusp States in International Relations
Leadership and Authority in Central Asia: The Ismaili Community in Tajikistan
Picturing Womens Health
Traveling Cultures and Plants: The Ethnobiology and Ethnopharmacy of Human Migrations
The Youth Olympic Games
Branding and Designing Disability: Reconceptualising Disability Studies
Chinas Evolving Industrial Policies and Economic Restructuring
Human Security and Japans Triple Disaster: Responding to the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and Fukushima nuclear crisis
Structural Change, Competitiveness and Industrial Policy: Painful Lessons from the European Periphery
The Modern Percussion Revolution: Journeys of the Progressive Artist
Our Energy Future: Socioeconomic Implications and Policy Options for Rural America
Bundle: Rudestam: Surviving Your Dissertation 4e + Bloomberg: Completing Your Qualitative Dissertation 2e + Schwartz: An Easyguide to APA Style 2e
Negotiating Privilege and Identity in Educational Contexts
Vom Kollegen Zum Vorgesetzten: So Entwickeln Sie Ihre F hrungsstrategie
Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: UK Dimensions
Information Security: Principles and Practices
German Scholars and Ethnic Cleansing, 1919-1945
Gendering Modern German History: Rewriting Historiography
The Provoked Economy: Economic Reality and the Performative Turn
Fundamentals of Solid-State Lighting: LEDs, OLEDs, and Their Applications in Illumination and Displays
Business-to-Business: A Global Network Perspective
Calcium and Magnesium in Groundwater: Occurrence and Significance for Human Health
Black Celebrity, Racial Politics, and the Press: Framing Dissent
Reparation for Victims of Crimes against Humanity: The healing role of reparation
European Wood-pastures in Transition: A Social-ecological Approach
Hegel and the Metaphysical Frontiers of Political Theory
Reviving Ancient Chinese Mathematics: Mathematics, History and Politics in the Work of Wu Wen-Tsun
Contemplare Cristo Con Maria
Serialization in Popular Culture
The Memory of Sound: Preserving the Sonic Past
Pedagogy of Commitment
Democracy, Participation and Contestation: Civil society, governance and the future of liberal democracy
Mills A System of Logic: Critical Appraisals
International Trials and Reconciliation: Assessing the Impact of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
Translation as Collaboration: Virginia Woolf, Katherine Mansfield and S.S. Koteliansky
Disability, Spaces and Places of Policy Exclusion
Holy Quimbanda Novena of the Most Holy Exu Bael, Vol I
Psychology Serving Humanity: Proceedings of the 30th International Congress of Psychology: Volume 2: Western Psychology
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 3): Approaches to Human Learning and Motivation
Pharmaceutical Accumulation in the Environment: Prevention, Control, Health Effects, and Economic Impact
Estimating SMEs Cost of Equity Using a Value at Risk Approach: The Capital at Risk Model
The Official History of the Joint Intelligence Committee: Volume I: From the Approach of the Second World War to the Suez Crisis
Intercultural Postgraduate Supervision: Reimagining time, place and knowledge
France and the Construction of Europe, 1944-2007: The Geopolitical Imperative
The Networked Young Citizen: Social Media, Political Participation and Civic Engagement
The Egyptian Heaven and Hell: Volume II
The French Defeat of 1940: Reassessments
Ritual in Its Own Right: Exploring the Dynamics of Transformation
Exploring Gypsiness: Power, Exchange and Interdependence in a Transylvanian Village
Blood and Oranges: Immigrant Labor and European Markets in Rural Greece
Death of the Father: An Anthropology of the End in Political Authority
Philosophy, Computing and Information Science
Recalling the Belgian Congo: Conversations and Introspection
Music and Manipulation: On the Social Uses and Social Control of Music
Advances and Innovations in University Assessment and Feedback: A Festschrift in Honour of Professor Dai Hounsell
Oiling the Urban Economy: Land, Labour, Capital, and the State in Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana
Female Piety and the Catholic Reformation in France
State Practices and Zionist Images: Shaping Economic Development in Arab Towns in Israel
Understanding Collective Pride and Group Identity: New directions in emotion theory, research and practice
Ibn al-Haytham, New Astronomy and Spherical Geometry: A History of Arabic Sciences and Mathematics Volume 4
Wilhelminism and Its Legacies: German Modernities, Imperialism, and the Meanings of Reform, 1890-1930
Changing Properties of Property
Refugees and the Transformation of Societies: Agency, Policies, Ethics and Politics
The Limits of Loyalty: Imperial Symbolism, Popular Allegiances, and State Patriotism in the Late Habsburg Monarchy
Electrochemical Biosensors
Reproductive Disruptions: Gender, Technology, and Biopolitics in the New Millennium
Liberty Records: A History of the Recording Company and Its Stars, 1955-1971
Siloxane Scintillators for Neutron Detectors
A Prescriptive Model to Rekindle the Marriage Bond
An Approach to Integrated Paddy-Fish Farming
Novel Schiff Bases Transition Metal Complexes
Dictionary of 21st Century Energy Technologies, Financing and Sustainability
The Aston Martin Book
Subproductos de Cloracion En Las Aguas de Castilla y Leon
Crop Variety Trials: Data Management and Analysis
Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry
Way of the Sign
Economics of Eco Tourism in Andhra Pradesh
Requiem for the Santa Cruz: An Environmental History of an Arizona River
KS3 Maths Teacher Pack 3.2
J. M. Coetzee and the Politics of Style
Responsabilite de LEtat Du Fait de La Justice Administrative, La
Inorganic Chemical Biology: Principles, Techniques and Applications
i>Heimat/i>, Space, Narrative: Toward a Transnational Approach to Flight and Expulsion
African economic outlook 2014: global value chains and Africas industrialisation
Magnetic Nanoparticle Assemblies
The Alexandrian Tradition: Interactions between Science, Religion, and Literature
Clovis Caches: Recent Discoveries and New Research
The Mechanics of Adhesives in Composite and Metal Joints: Finite Element Analysis With ANSYS
Marquee Series: Microsoft (R)PowerPoint 2013: Text with data files CD
Strength of Materials, Third Edition
Four Suites for Harpsichord by Bernard De Burg: Critical Edition Prepared by Ruta Bloomfield
Rereading the Relecture?: The Question of (Post)Chronistic Influence in the Latest Redactions of the Books of Samuel
Marquee Series: Microsoft (R)Excel 2013: Text with data files CD
The Strange and Terrible Visions of Wilhelm Friess: The Paths of Prophecy in Reformation Europe
Revisiting Gender
A Course in In-Memory Data Management: The Inner Mechanics of In-Memory Databases
Philosophic Thoughts: Essays on Logic and Philosophy
By Fables Alone: Literature and State Ideology in Late-Eighteenth Early-Nineteenth-Century Russia
The Ecstatic Poetic Tradition: A Critical Study from the Ancients through Rumi, Wordsworth, Whitman, Dickinson and Tagore
Bank Recovery and Resolution: A Conference Book
Neonatology Case-Based Review
Acute Exposure Guideline Levels for Selected Airborne Chemicals: Volume 17
Artificia Mali: Das Bose ALS Kunstwerk in Senecas Rachetragodien
Tarifgemeinschaften ALS Loesungsansatz Fuer Ein Funktionierendes Tarifsystem Im Rahmen Von Tarifkollisionen
Nonparametric Estimation of Educational Production and Costs using Data Envelopment Analysis
Livelihoods and Learning: Education For All and the marginalisation of mobile pastoralists
Law and the Politics of Memory: Confronting the Past
The Transition Towards Revolution and Reform: The Arab Spring Realised?
Communication, Public Discourse, and Road Safety Campaigns: Persuading People to Be Safer
An Historian in Peace and War: The Diaries of Harold Temperley
Public Relations Ethics and Professionalism: The Shadow of Excellence
Sylvester Syropoulos on Politics and Culture in the Fifteenth-Century Mediterranean: Themes and Problems in the Memoirs, Section IV
Sociolinguistics and Second Language Acquisition: Learning to Use Language in Context
CCTV: A Technology Under the Radar?
The Future of Testimony: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Witnessing
Democracy, Corruption and the Politics of Spirits in Contemporary Indonesia
The Book of Opening the Mouth: Vol. I: The Egyptian Texts with English Translations
Brady Digital Library for EMS Management -- Access Card (6 Months Access)
Emotions, Decision-Making and Mass Atrocities: Through the Lens of the Macro-Micro Integrated Theoretical Model
Sports and Scandals: How Leagues Protect the Integrity of Their Games
The Book of the Opening of the Mouth: Vol. II: The Egyptian Texts with English Translations
John Wesleys Pneumatology: Perceptible Inspiration
The Politics of Marketising Asia
Worlds of ScienceCraft: New Horizons in Sociology, Philosophy, and Science Studies
Semester System and Annual System of Examination in Haryana
A Practical Guide to Selecting Gametes and Embryos
The Annexin V Binding Properties of Platelet-Derived Microparticles
Economia Criativa, Marca Pais E a Insercao Internacional Do Brasil
Resotsializatsiya Narkozavisimykh
Integratsionnye Protsessy I Komplementarnost V Obrazovanii
Risk Sochetannogo Vozdeystviya Biologicheskikh I Khimicheskikh Faktorov
Analysis and Design of Reflectarrays/Transmitarrays Antennas
Elektroiek Rtu Dro Bas Un Tirgus Aprites Standarti
An Ethnography of Multicultural Communication in Wollo
Development of Math Proficiency Test Using Item Response Theory Irt
Estrategia de Sensibilizacion, Una Vision Sin Limites
Symmetric Systems of Implicit Functional Differential Equations
Lambert Textbook of Cardiopulmonry Rehabilitation
Sustainable Structural Concrete
Modeling and Performance Analysis
Almanach de Gotha 2014: Volume I Parts I II
Carpenito 14e Text; Plus Fischbach 9e Text Package
The Impact Assessment of Automotive Industry Cluster in India
Earthquake Resistance of Adobe Buildings
Cel en wereld: Kartuizers en boeken in Roermond (1376-1783)
The Us Geopolitical Codes and the Persian Gulf Oil
OS Direitos Humanos No Direito DOS Povos de John Rawls
Obrazovatelnaya Programma Ou
Durandi de Sancto Porciano Scriptum super IV libros sententiarum. Buch II, dd. 39-44
The Effect of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers on the Buccal Mucosa of Rabbits
Faca O Que Eu Digo, Nao O Que Eu Faco
Ustoychivost Asfaltobetonnykh Pokrytiy K Koleeobrazovaniyu
Veille Strategique Et Intelligence Economique
Panther, Rotfuchs Co.
WP Stand Alone Calculus Multivariable
Set: PHA 13 BRV w/ LM
Communication in Political Campaigns
Um Mergulho No Palco
Foundations of College Chemistry, 14th Edition WileyPLUS LMS Student Package
The Role of Informal Micro Finance Institutions in Tanzania
Set: Klein 2e BRV w/SSM, WP +TopHat (Waterloo Only)
Fiaba Parla Di Noi, La: La Fiaba E Letteratura
Tvorcheskie Kompetentsii Studentov Sotsialno-Ekonomicheskogo Profilya
Lacrimal Drainage Surgery
Truancy and Intervention
Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements
Pomeranchuk 100
The Travel Writings of John Moore Vol 1
Chemistry: The Molecular Nature of Matter, Seventh Edition WileyPLUS LMS Student Package
Archaeological Chemistry VIII
Remembering the Road to World War Two: International History, National Identity, Collective Memory
Sport Marketing
Imaging of Traumatic Brain Injury
Behavior Modification: What It Is and How To Do It
Inland fisheries evolution and management: case studies from four continents
The Language of Murder Cases: Intentionality, Predisposition, and Voluntariness
Understanding the Constructions of Identities by Young New Europeans: Kaleidoscopic selves
Social Movements: Transformative Shifts and Turning Points
Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America: The Role of Radical Education
The Long Way Home: The Meaning and Values of Repatriation
The State and the Advocate: Case studies on development policy in Asia
Chinese Politics Illustrated: The Cultural, Social, And Historical Context
Xinjiang and the Expansion of Chinese Communist Power: Kashgar in the Early Twentieth Century
Constitutionalism in Global Constitutionalisation
Zeichner Und Sein Buch, Der: Die Darstellung Der Antiken Architektur Im 15. Und 16. Jahrhundert
Behavior and Mechanics of Multifunctional Materials and Composites 2014
An Age of Neutrals: Great Power Politics, 1815-1914
Genetivische Ortsnamen in Ostmitteldeutschland Und in Angrenzenden Gebieten
Computer Literacy for IC3, Unit 2: Using Productivity Software, Update to Office 2013 Windows 8.1.1
Ultrasonic Methods for Measurement of Small Motion and Deformation of Biological Tissues for Assessment of Viscoelasticity
The Optional Matrimonial Property Regime
Proclus, Commentaire Sur Le Parmenide de Platon. Tome V: Livre V
Practical Holography XXVIII: Materials and Applications
Smart Organizations and Smart Artifacts: Fostering Interaction Between People, Technologies and Processes
Atlas of Forensic Pathology
Cumulative Impact and Other Disruption Claims in Construction
Vychislenie Koeffitsientov Dvumernogo Ryada Fure. Chast 1
Historical Memory in Africa: Dealing with the Past, Reaching for the Future in an Intercultural Context
The Travel Writings of John Moore Vol 4
Rapports de Genre Et Recours Aux Consultations Prenatales Au Niger
The Travel Writings of John Moore Vol 2
Fundamental Principles of Engineering Nanometrology
The Dark Side of Nation-States: Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Europe
Year Book of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 2014
Talking Dirty on Sex and the City: Romance, Intimacy, Friendship
Materials Science and Engineering, Volume II: Physiochemical Concepts, Properties, and Treatments
Turning the Tune: Traditional Music, Tourism, and Social Change in an Irish Village
Perspectives on Property Law
Medical Sciences
Understanding Lifestyle Migration: Theoretical Approaches to Migration and the Quest for a Better Way of Life
Polymer Surface Characterization
Privatrechtliche Diskurs Der Moderne, Der
Muslim Politics in Bihar: Changing Contours
Constructing Indian Christianities: Culture, Conversion and Caste
Local Science Vs Global Science: Approaches to Indigenous Knowledge in International Development
Teaching Framework Year 2
Vanished History: The Holocaust in Czech and Slovak Historical Culture
Schools and Public Health: Past, Present, Future
Topics in Percolative and Disordered Systems
Persian Literature from Outside Iran: The Indian Subcontinent, Anatolia, Central Asia, and in Judeo-Persian: History of Persian Literature A, Vol IX
Power, Politics, and Paranoia: Why People are Suspicious of their Leaders
T. S. Eliot and Christian Tradition
Intellectuals and (Counter-) Politics: Essays in Historical Realism
Learning Religion: Anthropological Approaches
Environmental Policies In Asia: Perspectives From Seven Asian Countries
India in the Contemporary World: Polity, Economy and International Relations
The Social Dynamics of Innovation Networks
Gender, Identity and Violence: Female Deselection in India
The Travel Writings of John Moore Vol 3
Demographic Developments in China
Report It in Writing
The Life of Alexander Pope: A Critical Biography
Common Complaints in Couple Therapy: New Approaches to Treating Marital Conflict
Acta Numerica Acta Numerica 2014: Series Number 23: Volume 23
The Effectiveness of Pbl for Teaching Oral Skills
Predstavitelnaya Vlast Kyrgyzov
Imprensa E Poder Em Tempos de Seguranca Nacional
Green Supply Chain Management
Transformative Partnerships Through Indigenous Melanesian Worldviews
Social Theory and Regional Studies in the Global Age
Efficiency and Productivity Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa
Barrington Stoke Primary Football Pack
O Carnaval Espetaculo No Sul Do Brasil
Banaras Revisited: Scholarly Pilgrimages to the City of Light
Self-Energizing Electromechanical Disc Brake
Seguirdad Perimetral En Redes de Computadores
Corporate Social Reporting in India
Peaceful Co-Existence Vs Socio-Economic Development in South Sudan
Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth
Holt McDougal Biology Texas: Student One Stop DVD
Mudrye Mysli
A to Zoo: Subject Access to Childrens Picture Books, 9th Edition
Holt McDougal Physics Texas: Student One Stop DVD
Geology of the Gboko Area, Lower Benue Trough. Nigeria
Colagem, Antropofagia E Subversao Em Galvez Imperador Do Acre
Harmonious Mind of the Child
The Status of Environmental and Christian Stewardship
Semiologiya Lyubvi
Aplicacion de La Autopsia Psicologica En El Proceso Penal Venezolano
Compactness of Localization Operators on LP- Spaces
Olhares Docentes Sobre a Inclusao Escolar
Campo Editorial Universitario, El
Legislacion Internacional y Los Limites Maritimos de Ecuador, La
Tematicheskaya Organizatsiya Dialektnogo Monologa
The Art and Practice of Project Leadership
How Christian School Students Really Think
Human Resource Management Practices
Role of Adaptor Proteins in Pancreatic Cancer
The Reader-Text Interactive Approach to Teaching Imaginative Texts
A Configuracao Da Identidade Cidada Em Educacao de Jovens E Adultos
Nuevos Rostros del Ciberdialogo
Responsabilidad Social Universitaria
Formacao de Professores Para a Era Da Conexao Movel
Conoces a Tus Clientes? Nuevos Secretos Para Vender Hoy
Strategicheskiy Upravlencheskiy Uchet Na Promyshlennom Predpriyatii
Fugitive Objects: Sculpture and Literature in the German Nineteenth Century
Global financial stability report: moving from liquidity- to growth-driven markets
Metabolites Secondaires de Cymbopogon Schoenanthus
Cell Biology of the B Cell Receptor: Volume 123
Essentials of Clinical Research
South Asia: Traditional and Non-Traditional Security Threats
de La Didactique Des Usages Numeriques
Crossing Phonetics-Phonology Lines
The Wiley International Handbook of Clinical Supervision
World Economic Outlook, April 2013 (Chinese): Hopes, Realities, Risks
Diachrony and Synchrony in English Corpus Linguistics
Sevicks Transmission Line Transformers: Theory and practice
25 Dynamic, Day-Trading Strategies for Life: Mastering Swing Trading Inside Out!!
Critical Care of the Stroke Patient
Ligand Design in Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry
Collisional Narrowing and Dynamical Decoupling in a Dense Ensemble of Cold Atoms
Mundo Real Level 3 Teachers Edition plus ELEteca Access and Digital Master Guide
Great Lives from History: The 18th Century-Vol.1
Shipwrecked: Disaster and Transformation in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the Modern World
World economic outlook: April 2014, recovery strengthens, remains uneven
Jugend, Schule Und Identitit: Selbstwerdung Und Identititskonstruktion Im Kontext Schule
Metallocorroles for Attenuation of Atherosclerosis
Applied Predictive Modeling
Quick Reference Dictionary for GI and Hepatology
Fortificazioni Campali dei Colli di Finestre e Fattieres, Le: Archeologia e Storia di un sito militare dEta Moderna sulle Alpi Occidentali
Adapting to climate change through land and water management in Eastern Africa: results of pilots projects in Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania
The Political Consequences of Motherhood
Intermetallics: Synthesis, Structure, Function
Digitalizzare La Burocrazia?
Superromance Jun14 Ppk18
Deseo Jun14 Ctn24
Strategic Business Decisions: A Quantitative Approach
k-Schur Functions and Affine Schubert Calculus
Selected Areas in Cryptography -- SAC 2013: 20th International Conference, Burnaby, BC, Canada, August 14-16, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
Medizinische Bildgebung
Put Svyatozara. Tom Pervyy
Narratological Approaches to the Arabic and the English Novel
Stochastic Analysis in Production Process and Ecology Under Uncertainty
Structured Light Fields: Applications in Optical Trapping, Manipulation, and Organisation
Como Afrontan El Estres Los Adolescentes
A Cronica-Cancao de Caetano Veloso
Fundamentals of Spacecraft Attitude Determination and Control
NGOs, Political Protest, and Civil Society
Probleme Des Befristeten Arbeitsverhaltnisses
Juvenile Psoriasis
Approksimatsiya Funktsiy V Obychnoy I Dlinnoy Arifmetike
Automatisierte Therapiesysteme
Social Unrest and American Military Bases in Turkey and Germany since 1945
Consul of God: The Life and Times of Gregory the Great
History of the Communist Party in Cyprus: Colonialism, Class and the Cypriot Left
Handbook of Learning and Cognitive Processes (Volume 4): Attention and Memory
Brand Mascots: And Other Marketing Animals
A History of Ethiopia: Volume I: Nubia and Abyssinia
MyLab Criminal Justice with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century
Drug Mules: Women in the International Cocaine Trade
Home Movies: The American Family in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
A Hieroglyphic Vocabulary to the Theban Recension of the Book of the Dead
Persian Kingship and Architecture: Strategies of Power in Iran from the Achaemenids to the Pahlavis
Formation of the Turkish Nation-State, 1920-1938
Browning Studies: Being Select Papers by Members of the Browning Society
The Jews of Iran: The History, Religion and Culture of a Community in the Islamic World
Multi-Level Regulation in the Telecommunications Sector: Adaptive Regulatory Arrangements in Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands and Switzerland
A History of Ethiopia: Volume II: Nubia and Abyssinia
Unthinking Eurocentrism: Multiculturalism and the Media
Trade Policy Review - CEMAC (Cameron, Congo, Gabon, Central African Republic, and Chad)
Expert Pearson Test of English Academic B2 Coursebook and MyEnglishLab Pack
Gendering Family Policies in Post-Communist Europe: A Historical-Institutional Analysis
The Europeanness of European Cinema: Identity, Meaning, Globalization
The Political Economy of Arab Food Sovereignty
The Globalization of Chinese Propaganda: International Power and Domestic Political Cohesion
What Every Therapist Needs to Know About Anxiety Disorders: Key Concepts, Insights, and Interventions
Aesthetics of Music: Musicological Perspectives
Capitalism and the Social Relationship: An Organizational Perspective
The Supreme Command, 1914-1918: Volume II
The Supreme Command, 1914-1918: Volume I
The Economics of Quality, Grades and Brands
Computational Intelligence in Business Analytics: Concepts, Methods, and Tools for Big Data Applications
Property Development
A History of Egypt under the Ptolemaic Dynasty
Irish Gothics: Genres, Forms, Modes, and Traditions, 1760-1890
The Popes and the Papacy in the Early Middle Ages: 476-752
The U.S. Government and the Vietnam War: Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships, Part IV: July 1965-January 1968
Narrative and Foreign Language Learning: Curricular and Pedagogic Perspectives
The Critical Twilight: Explorations in the Idoelogy of Anglo-American Literary Theory from Eliot to McLuhan
Exhibiting Animals in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Empathy, Education, Entertainment
Democratic Participation in Armed Conflict: Military Involvement in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq
Philosophy and Hip-Hop: Ruminations on Postmodern Cultural Form
Methods in Food Analysis
MyLab Medical Terminology with Pearson etext - Access Card - Medical Terminology A Living Language
The Scottish Nation at Empires End
Democracy and Crisis: Democratising Governance in the Twenty-First Century
Recursive Identification and Parameter Estimation
The Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm (MLFMA) for Solving Large-Scale Computational Electromagnetics Problems
The Words I Speak, They are Spirit and They are Life. Speak V
Organic Chemistry with Integrated Text and SSM Eleventh Edition Wiley E-Text: Powered by VitalSource
Experimental Psychology Its Scope and Method: Volume IV (Psychology Revivals): Learning and Memory
MyLab Criminal Justice with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices
Kings, Lords and Men in Scotland and Britain, 1300-1625: Essays in Honour of Jenny Wormald
Managing Complex Change in School: Engaging pedagogy, technology, learning and leadership
The Wiley Blackwell Handbook of Operant and Classical Conditioning
Sociable Cities: The 21st-Century Reinvention of the Garden City
Intellectual Work and the Spirit of Capitalism: Webers Calling
The Global Approach to Quantum Field Theory
Peasant Petitions: Social Relations and Economic Life on Landed Estates, 1600-1850
Climate and Hydrology in Mountain Areas
Filtro Activo de Potencia Para Interface Da Rede Com Cargas Electricas
Presents Jun14 Ppk24
Restoring Dignity in Rural and Urban Madagascar: On How Religion Creates New Life-stories
Motoren Der Innovation: Zukunftsperspektiven Der Innovationsforschung
Institutional Competition between Optional Codes in European Contract Law: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis
Molecular Conformation and Organic Photochemistry: Time-resolved Photoionization Studies
Transnational Islam in Interwar Europe: Muslim Activists and Thinkers
Lingua Legalis Pro Populo
Bianca Jun14 Ctn24
Presidential Decrees in Russia: A Comparative Perspective
The Intersection of Community Participation and Gender
Cheese and Microbes
Large Deviations in Physics: The Legacy of the Law of Large Numbers
Practicas Estudiantiles En Los Ingresantes Universitarios, Las
Sea Plants: Volume 71
Evolutionary Games in Complex Topologies: Interplay Between Structure and Dynamics
Simulations of Dark Energy Cosmologies
Thin Liquid Films: Dewetting and Polymer Flow
The Body Moveable: (three-Volumes, Black White Interior)
Financial Managerial Accounting, 1st Edition WileyPlus Lms Card
Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Fifth Edition WileyPlus Lms Student Package
Cancer Cell Signaling: Targeting Signaling Pathways Toward Therapeutic Approaches to Cancer
The Ultimate Ubuntu 14.04 Lts Server Installation and Administration
Apresentacao de Manuel Bandeira
A Valoracao Economica Da Lagoa Da Princesa: Nascente Do Rio Paraguai
Prostye Lekarstvennye Sredstva. Chast Vtoraya
Luxury Villa Feast Part II: International Style Villa Design
Psikhologiya Vospriyatiya I Obrabotki Informatsii
Cambridge Companions to Literature: The Cambridge Companion to Autobiography
Nature and Power
Justin Sweet: An Anthology of Construction Law Writings
Voices from Tibet: Selected Essays and Reportage
Acting Successful
Trauma, Resilience and Survival Strategies in Crisis Times
The Rising Tide of Color: Race, State Violence, and Radical Movements across the Pacific
Antioxydants Naturels MIS En Valeur Pour Les Produits Gras
Regulated Cell Death Part A: Apoptotic Mechanisms: Volume 544
Cell-wide Metabolic Alterations Associated with Malignancy: Volume 543
LEnrichissement Rend-Il Plus Heureux ?
The Great Pictorial History of World Crime
Word Stress: Theoretical and Typological Issues
Logic Programming: Theory, Practices and Challenges
Honor and Respect: The Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address
The Wiley Handbook of Genius
Financial Managerial Accounting, 1st Edition WileyPlus Blackboard Student Package
The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Tourism
Deutsche Luftwaffe: Uniformes Et eQuipements Des Forces aeRiennes Allemandes (1935-1945)
Systemes Decentralises Connectes Au Reseau Electrique
Micro- and Nanoengineering of the Cell Surface
Etude Des Interactions Dans Le Systeme Poly(acide Lactique)/Ibuprofene
Organizational Ambidexterity in United States Hospitals
Neo-Chinese Style Interior Design Collection
Omics in Clinical Practice: Genomics, Pharmacogenomics, Proteomics, and Transcriptomics in Clinical Research
Seals and Sealing Handbook
Cult, Myth, and Occasion in Pindars Victory Odes
Alternance Et Autoformation: Quelle Strategie Pedagogique ?
Russia in the Reign of Aleksei Mikhailovich
Intermediate Accounting, Fifteenth Edition WileyPlus Lms Card
Health Promoting Schools - 2, Africa
Understanding Ethnic Privilege and Power at Work, Organizations and Management
Phytotherapie En Gynecologie, La
Colonial Counterinsurgency and Mass Violence: The Dutch Empire in Indonesia
Biodental Engineering III
The Handbook of Global Health Policy
The Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx Volume 2: Revelation and Theology
Erotic Revelations: Clinical applications and perverse scenarios
A Companion to J. R. R. Tolkien
Lean Practice and Performance Management
Philanthropy, Social Economy and a Changing World-System Part 2
Managing Academic Careers: Global Perspectives
Global Studies means Forward-Looking
Financial Managerial Accounting, 1st Edition WileyPlus Lms Student Package
Lean in Healthcare
Conceptual Background and Bioenergetic/Mitochondrial Aspects of Oncometabolism: Volume 542
HRM in the Digital Age
Identity and the New Psychoanalytic Explorations of Self-organization
Intermediate Accounting, Fifteenth Edition WileyPlus Lms Student Package
The Collected Works of Edward Schillebeeckx Volume 5: The Understanding of Faith. Interpretation and Criticism
A Handbook for Evidence-Based Juvenile Justice Systems
Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, Fifth Edition WileyPlus Lms Card
Sedimentologia E Morfodinamica de Praias Da Ilha de Santa Catarina
Real Estate Marketing: Strategy, Personal Selling, Negotiation, Management, and Ethics
Retraso Alalico de La Comunicacion y El Lenguaje, El
Vinculacion Cientifica Tecnologica En Una Universidad Argentina
Photocatalysis by Titania Nanocomposites
Aeroelastic Behavior of Wind Turbine Rotors
Cytopathology of Orofacial Lesions
paisajes culturales de la ciudad de Toledo: los cigarrales, Los: Dehesas, espacios irrigados, torres, cigarrales y trincheras
Kriegstechniker Des Begriffs: Biographische Studien Zu Carl Schmitt
Zur Revolutionierung Des Gottesgedankens: Texte Zu Einer Modernen Philosophischen Theologie
Reproductive Decision Making of HIV Positive Zambian Women
Cross Cultural Consumer Behavior in an Emerging Economy
Photoluminescence Imaging of Series Resistance for Silicon Solar Cells
Neutrinos and Leptogenesis
Forest Ecosystems: Biodiversity, Management Conservation
Architectural Modifications and the Solar Cooling Systems
Novel Imidazol and Barbituric Acid Derivatives - Carbene Fragments
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Elementos Sobrenaturales En Las Literaturas Clasicas y Su Recepcion
Silicium- -Effekt, Der
Ekologiya, Bezopasnost Kormov I Kormovykh Dobavok Dlya Zhivotnykh
Cerebrospinal Fluid: Clinical Biochemistry, Physiology Diagnostic Characteristics
Dittatura E Ribellione Nei Romanzi Inglesi del Secondo Novecento
Soc 2014, Third Edition Update Looseleaf Edition
Mashiny Dlya Narezaniya Pishchevykh Produktov
Family Business and Positive Psychology: New Planning Strategies for the 21st Century
Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Laparoscopy of the Abdomen in Goat
LArchitettura Raddoppiata
Aspen Treatise for Antitrust
Beruhmte Aufgaben der Stochastik: Von den Anfangen bis heute
Romische Kaiserhof in Severischer Zeit (193-235 N. Chr.), Der
Perspectives on Global Constitutionalism: The Use of Foreign and International Law by Domestic Courts
Odarennye Deti. Teoriya I Praktika Obucheniya I Razvitiya
Holistic Marketing Strategy and Customers Satisfaction
Adherence to Treatment in Clinical Practice
Cambridge International Trade and Economic Law: Series Number 13: General Interests of Host States in International Investment Law
Interagency Coordination in Disaster Response Management
Riesgo Asociado a Eventos Sismicos
Electrical Drive: Performance, Design and Control
Motivacion y El Estilo de Aprendizaje Reflexivo-Critico
Globulins: Biochemistry, Production Role in Immunity
Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis
Agricultura Ecologica En Venezuela, La
Welfare Programs in India
Die Badener Disputation Von 1526: Kommentierte Edition Des Protokolls
Twitter data analytics
Shapers of Urban Form: Explorations in Morphological Agency
Optimization and Inverse Problems in Electromagnetism
Africa and the Victorians: The Official Mind of Imperialism
Flight Physics and Propulsion - EASN 2012
International Trends in University Governance: Autonomy, self-government and the distribution of authority
Juvenile Offending
New Qualitative Research Methodologies in Management
The Handbook of Global Security Policy
Pearson Baccalaureate Chemistry Higher Level 2nd edition print and online edition for the IB Diploma
Human Respiratory Viral Infections
Structures of Subjectivity: Explorations in Psychoanalytic Phenomenology and Contextualism
NEW MyLab Psychology with Pearson eText -- Standalone Access Card -- for Discovering the Life Span
The Violence of the Image: Photography and International Conflict
Selected papers from the 5th Canadian Quality Congress
A Companion to Modernist Poetry
The Collier Campbell Archive: 50 Years of Passion in Pattern
100 Years of Innovation: A Legacy of Pedagogy Research
Advances in Clinical Chemistry: Volume 65
Atlas of Equine Ultrasonography
Total Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery
Ecological Ethics and Living Subjectivity in Hegels Logic: The Middle Voice of Autopoietic Life
Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Brain and Neurological Health
Working with Traumatic Brain Injury in Schools: Transition, Assessment, and Intervention
Food and Agricultural Wastewater Utilization and Treatment
Muslim Shrines and Spiritual Culture in the Perso-Islamic World: Urban and Rural Shrines in Tajikistan
English is Powerful
Veterinary Management of Competition Horses
Singer and Monaghans Cervical and Lower Genital Tract Precancer: Diagnosis and Treatment
Skin Lymphoma: The Illustrated Guide
Behavior Modification, Exam Copy: What it is and How to Do it
Helping Children Cope with Trauma: Individual, family and community perspectives
Spirituality and Sustainable Development
Mediated Youth Cultures: The Internet, Belonging and New Cultural Configurations
LHypercholesterolemie Familiale Au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
21st Century Jocks: Sporting Men and Contemporary Heterosexuality
Russia, the USA and China in Central Asia
Port Security Management
Hate crime: should the current offences be extended?
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Knowledge and Development: Series Number 39: Cultural and Contextual Perspectives on Developmental Risk and Well-Being
Managerial Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 6th edition WileyPLUS LMS Card
Epidemiological Study on Type 2 Diabetes
Occupational Safety Health
Taxi and private hire services
Therapists Secrets: The Academic Clinical Journeys
Para Alem Da Alienacao: A Economia Solidaria Como Critica Ao Capital
Klyuchevye Teorii Mirozdaniya
Seen and Heard: Listening to Children and Creating Caring Schools
Politicas Publicas En El Manejo Integral de Residuos Solidos
Fourteenth Century England VIII
Third Party Policing: An Effective and Efficient Response to Crime
Dynamics of Student Information Searching Behavior: Indian Perspective
Biological Management of Sclerotium Rolfsii Using Microbial Consortium
Adaptivnost I Kreativnost V Stanovlenii Tvorcheskoy Lichnosti Uchitelya
Modelo Matematico Con Transferencia de Informacion
Engraved on Stone: Mesopotamian Cylinder Seals and Seal Inscriptions in the Old Babylonian Period
Economics of Cash Crops in Indian Agriculture
It Takes Team Effort: Men and Women Working Together to Enhance Childrens Lives (Hc)
Sustainable Rural Development Through Agriculture
Infinite History of NOW: A Timeless Background for Contemporary Physics
Economia E Mercado de Trabalho No Rio Grande Do Norte - 2001 a 2008
Trusts in the Principality of Liechtenstein and Similar Jurisdictions: Aspects of Wealth Protection, Beneficiaries Rights and International Law
Gothic Renaissance: A Reassessment
Understanding the Oil Price-Stock Market Return Nexus
Fundamentals of Computing: A Simplified Approach
Parejas del Mismo Sexo
Manual for Tilapia Business Management
Atlas of Chick Development
Geologie de La Baie de Zemmouri Algerie
Advances in Cephalopod Science: Biology, Ecology, Cultivation and Fisheries: Volume 67
The Gospel Project for Kids: Jesus Ministry Begins - Kids Leader Kit - Topical Study: Jesus Sermons and Healings
Investigation of Levee Failure and Validation of Erosion Evolution
Spektroskopiya Zatormozhennykh Dvizheniy Molekul
Metodologia de Caminatas Ecoturisticas Como Recreacion Sostenible
Comportement Mecanique de Polyethylene a Haute Densite
Emerging Technologies and Management of Crop Stress Tolerance: Volume 2 A Sustainable Approach
New Adsorption Pairs for Cooling by Renewable Energy Heat Sources
Nano- and Microencapsulation for Foods
Makers and Users of Medieval Books: Essays in Honour of A.S.G. Edwards
Semantic Technology: Third Joint International Conference, JIST 2013, Seoul, South Korea, November 28--30, 2013, Revised Selected Papers
Extremal Polynomials and Riemann Surfaces
The African Court on Human Rights and Peoples Rights: Basic Documents
Wandmalereien Im Braunschweiger Dom St. Blasii, Die
Dada 1916 in Theory: Practices of Critical Resistance
Pattern Recognition: 6th Mexican Conference, MCPR 2014, Cancun, Mexico, June 25-28, 2014. Proceedings
Control of Batch Processes
Zur Inszenierung Eines Wirtschaftsclusters: Eine Praxeologische Analyse
Yhwh Fights for Them! the Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative
Settlement Dynamics and Human-Landscape Interaction in the Dry Steppes of Syria
Paideuma 60/2014: Mitteilungen Zur Kulturkunde
Journal of Medieval Military History: Volume XII
Data Stream Management: Processing High-Speed Data Streams
NeuroQuantology: Quantum Physics in the Brain. Reducing the Secret of the Rainbow to the Colours of a Prism
Port-Hamiltonian Systems Theory: An Introductory Overview
Peter Zumthor German Replacement Volume 3: Bauten Und Projekte, Band 3
Peter Zumthor German Replacement Volume 5: Bauten Und Projekte, Band 5
Peter Zumthor German Replacement Volume 4: Bauten Und Projekte, Band 4
Peter Zumthor German Replacement Volume 2: Bauten Und Projekte, Band 2
Technology of the Guitar
Asi Se Dice! Level 4, Student Edition
Strassburger Eide in Der Fruhen Neuzeit, Die: Modellstudie Zu VOR- Und Fruhgermanistischen Diskursstrategien
The Garment Industry in Low-Income Countries: An Entry Point of Industrialization
World Cruising Routes: 1000 sailing routes in all oceans of the world
Inside South Africas Foreign Policy: Diplomacy in Africa from Smuts to Mbeki
Family law in contemporary Iran: Womens Rights Activism and Sharia
Patent Law in Global Perspective
Trading with the Ottomans: The Levant Company in the Middle East
Extrusion Processing Technology: Food and Non-Food Biomaterials
Digital Marketing: A Practical Approach
Legal Issues In Information Security
Political Islam in Post-Revolutionary Iran: Shii Ideologies in Islamist Discourse
Religion in Science Fiction: The Evolution of an Idea and the Extinction of a Genre
The Legal Philosophy and Influence of Jeremy Bentham: Essays on Of the Limits of the Penal Branch of Jurisprudence
Shii Sectarianism in the Middle East: Modernisation and the Quest for Islamic Universalism
Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations
Literature of the Early Twentieth Century: From the Constitutional Period to Reza Shah: A History of Persian Literature
Forensic Medicine, Science and Law
They Do What?: A Cultural Encyclopedia of Extraordinary and Exotic Customs from around the World
Affordable Housing in the Urban Global South: Seeking Sustainable Solutions
Rural Wealth Creation
Strength and Drift Capacity of Gfrp-Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls
Liderazgo Responsable, El
Umnye Elektricheskie Seti
Poluchenie Drevesnovoloknistoy Massy
Carbon Sequestration Potential Through Fodder Production
Povyshenie Zashchishchyennosti Korporativnoy Seti Oktyabrskoy Zheleznoy Dorogi
Brachno-Semeynaya I Gendernaya Molodezhnaya Dinamika V Rossii
Epidemiology Time Series Analysis of Ghana Health Insurance Scheme
Politicas de Apoyo a la Creacion de Empresas En Colombia
Empirical Study of Non Performing Assets in Indian Commericial Banks
Praxis Des Brotbrechens Und Des Miteinanders, Die
Smartbook Access Card for Sociology a Brief Introduction 11E
Electronic Information Seeking Behaviour of Agricultural Scientists
Homosexualismo Politico, El: Intento Global Para Redefinir La Familia
Analisis Estrategico Multidimensional del Sector Salud En Mexico
Adaptivnoe Upravlenie Silovoy Ustanovkoy Gibridnogo Avtomobilya
Financial Inclusion: Urban Co-Operative Banks Credit Societies
Bundle: Reisch: Social Policy and Social Justice + CQ Researcher: Issues for Debate in Social Policy, 2e
Quark and Lepton Masses and Mixing in Susy Grand Unified Theories
Obuchenie Leksike Nemetskogo Yazyka V Shkole
Development and Evaluation of Knapsack Power Driven Cotton Picker
Democracia Participativa No Brasil
Sindrom Khronicheskoy Tazovoy Boli U Bolnykh Abakterialnym Prostatitom
Valorisation de La Diatomite Comme Adsorbant de Covs
Evaluation in e-Learning
Al 6061/ Zircon Composites: Fundamentals Its Corrosion Studies
Marketing Strategies to Egyptian Children
Advanced Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications
Hopscotch Set a English Add-On Package
Gli Stupri Di Guerra in Italia (1943-45)
Academic Press Library in Signal Processing: Image and Video Compression and Multimedia: Volume 5
Commande Predictive DUn Procede de Raffinage de Petrole (FCC)
Organic Reactions, Volume 84
Out of the Dark, 1914-1918: South Dubliners Who Fell in the Great War
Palliative Care Nursing: Quality Care to the End of Life
Force Marriage: The Criminalisation of Forced Marriage in Dutch, English and International Criminal Law
Hypermedias Adaptatifs Dynamiques
`Red Ellen Wilkinson: Her Ideas, Movements and World
Kriegswirtschaft Und Arbeitseinsatz Bei Der Auto Union AG Chemnitz Im Zweiten Weltkrieg
Cult and Cosmos: Tilting toward a Temple-Centered Theology
Wearable Prints, 1760-1860: History, Materials, and Mechanics
Mies van der Rohe. Das gebaute Werk
Caracterisation Et Modelisation Multi-Physique de Composants
Genetic Study of Terminal Heat Tolerance in Bread Wheat
An Introduction to River Modelling: A Multidimensional Approach
Master Equation: Biological Applications and Thermodynamic Description
Efectos y Determinantes de La Cooperacion Para La Innovacion
Religion and Law in the United Kingdom
Tribal Women and Human Rights
O Processo Avaliativo Da Producao de Texto
Politische Kommunikation in Lokalen Und Nationalen Offentlichkeiten: Ein Vergleich Der Rezeptions- Und Meinungsbildungsprozesse
MSA-Cmt Using Redundant Transmission for Sctp
The Practical Engineer: A Treatise on the Subject of Modeling, Constructing and Running Steam Engines
Effective Transitional Ministry: Leadership in the 21st Century Church
A Study on Makaradhwaja (Ayurvedic Herbo Mineral Formulation)
Metric Suite for Measuring Service Discoverability
Optical Coating
From Quarks to Cold Atoms
Tipichnye Zadachi Soprotivleniya Materialov S Primerami Resheniya. Kniga 2
Saffo Nella Tradizione Poetica Italiana Dal SEI Allottocento
Art or Sound
Environmental Law in Spain
LAzione Di Accertamento Negativo in Materia Industriale
Cultural Factors and Knowledge Sharing in Smes
The Prehistoric Settlement at Balaton Szod Temet I-D L: The Middle Copper Age, Late Copper Age and Early Bronze Age Occupation
Power Quality Enhancement in Smart Distribution Systems
Among Unknown Tribes: Rediscovering the Photographs of Explorer Carl Lumholtz
Herzog de Meuron Transforming Park Avenue Armory New York
Radio Propagation and Adaptive Antennas for Wireless Communication Networks: Terrestrial, Atmospheric, and Ionospheric
Profiling Home-Invasion Robbery
Consumo de Psicofarmacos En Mujeres
Otechestvennoe I Zarubezhnoe Vodnoe Pravo V Voprosakh I Otvetakh
Das Arzneibuch Ortolfs Von Baierland
Biologically Active Pyrroles
The African Rice Oryza Glaberrima: Agronomic and Genetic Importance
The Geography of Strabo: An English Translation, with Introduction and Notes
Perceptions of Airline Website Credibility: An Egyptian Perspective
System Design for Cooperative Diversity Wireless Networks
Procesos de Construccion de Las Identidades Docentes
Nanoparticulas de Nimo Soportadas Sobre Carbon, Hda, Silice y Alumina
Rurality and Rural Poverty: What It Means to Be Poor
Moisture Conservation and Zinc for Pigeonpea
Modern Trends of Medicinal Plants Research
Colloidal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications IX
Benzene, Toluene and Xylene Induced Cytotoxicity in Drosophila
Supply Chain Design with Product Life Cycle Considerations
Experience of Recovery Alcohol/Drugs
Genesis y Desarrollo Socioeconomico del Sector Eolico (1995-2013)
Excavations at Gilund: The Artifacts and Other Studies
Abacus Institute Management System
Ipv6 Seguridad y Vulnerabilidades
Effects of Coaches Behaviors on Athletes Satisfaction and Burnout
Atores Religiosos Na Arena Politica
Handbook of 3D Integration: v. 3: Handbook of 3D Integration, Volume 3 3D Process Technology
Electrical Wiring 12 and Electrical Principles 12 Blended Learning Package Super Pack
Nanostructures, Nanomaterials, and Nanotechnologies to Nanoindustry
Advances in Management Accounting
Cambridge Intellectual Property and Information Law: Series Number 22: Intellectual Property at the Edge: The Contested Contours of IP
The Oxford Handbook of Work Engagement, Motivation, and Self-Determination Theory
Mouse Models of the Nuclear Envelopathies and Related Diseases: Volume 109
Quelle Culture Politique Pour Les Politiques Culturelles ?
The Economics of Economists: Institutional Setting, Individual Incentives, and Future Prospects
The Chemical Bond: Fundamental Aspects of Chemical Bonding
Droits Et Libertes DAssociation
Package of Anz Smeltzer and Bares Textbook of Medical-Surgical Nursing 2 Volume Set Anz Nursing and Midwifery Drug Handbook
Synthese Stereoselective de Lactones Fonctionnalisees
Optimisation Des Requetes Sur Un Mediateur
Joyland MM 15c Display
Hieronymus als Exeget und Theologe: Interdisziplinare Zugange zum Koheletkommentar des Hieronymus
Civilizing Globalization, Revised and Expanded Edition: A Survival Guide
Neonatal and Pediatric Respiratory Care: A Patient Case Method
Metabolism of Human Diseases: Organ Physiology and Pathophysiology
Motor Neuron Diseases: Causes, Classification Treatments
Faith in the Unseen
Filosofiya Metafory
Exemptions for the Non-Performance of Contractual Obligations in CISG Article 79: Quest for Uniformity in International Sales Law
Medical Imaging 2014: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
Ahasuerus at the Easel: Jewish Art and Jewish Artists in Central and Eastern European Modernism at the Turn of the Last Century
Immigrant Integration: Research Implications for Future Policy

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